Quotes Affair Lucky 13th June

As You may remember I have mentioned several times that I have a tendency to procrastinate when I’m around my computer! And to be honest sometimes I’m just plain tired from spending so many hours on it. I need sth more creative than Facebook and Twitter or even Instagram to erase my brain from all the social media clutter which always gives me headache.

Nevertheless I have decided to show you what I’m up to at 2am while I supposed to be writing new posts and editing pictures. 3 words! Quotes, quotes, quotes!

Even though I highly agree with Socrates!

Travel Quotes

I tend to agree with T.S. Eliot as well, so I give myself redemption.

Travel Quotes

This month I have found some inspirational and connected to travel quotes which I liked and thought you may too. Reading travel quotes makes me sentimental about my travels and crazy adventures. 

Quotes I loved this month!


Travel not only makes you modes, but in my opinion makes you very humble. Or at least it supposed to. This is what I have observed about myself. I’m super outgoing and confident and that will never change but when I was much younger I was quiet stubborn and had my mind set on many subjects, like politics and ideology. After many years of extensive travels I have much more distance to many things.


This is a well known truth that travelling makes you smarter, because you experience a lot, you adapt, you observe, you learn without realising! Same as reading, I love reading and just learning through it is like a side effect, I would be still doing it even if I gain nothing else except nice time.


Big time yes! I face this issue almost every bigger journey I take. You know when I told my friends 5 years ago that I’m going to Israel where I currently live many of them where hesitant. You know there is war, bombs and danger. Israeli people are rude and stingy etc They could never be more wrong! But they only understood when they visited me, as I always push all my friends to visit so they can change their mind.

Same happened when I said that I’m going to Iran, Oman, alone to Brazil or Benin. I often say that I travel to make my own mind about the world and people. Can’t wait to see faces of some once I inform them that I’m going to Yemen and Pakistan.

And maybe those places are not a lever of security as our super safe Europe, but as James Dean said…


And indeed you must be super brave to leave your comfort zone, not many people does!


And let’s be honest I may love crazy adventures and extreme sports, but some love sunny days on the beach and cocktails with colourful umbrellas.


But no matter where and how you travel it never ends. It becomes a huge addiction, at least in my case! I can’t and don’t want to imagine my life without travel.


I found this particular quote while stumbling and was loved it. Smart man this Confucius guy. But that not always works for such an energetic chatter box like me!


But no matter how many mistakes I do, I always remind myself words of well known Vietnamese Buddhist monk…


And never ever gave up your journey.


But as well have distance to life!


Do you enjoy my quotes? Check more of those on Lucky 13th Quote Affair category and have a great day. Marysia

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16 thoughts on “Quotes Affair Lucky 13th June

  1. Zhong

    Nice post, I hope everyone will like your post!

  2. If procrastination means spending (too much) time on social media, then yes. :-)= We *all* could be doing more reading and writing. And yes, I know I’ve turned that around, because I’m replying to your post about quotes and … procrastination. ;-)
    Henry recently posted…Fotoeins Friday: the 1st day of northern summerMy Profile

  3. Megan Claire

    I love quotes – saving some of these to share later on! And I don’t hold it against you for procrastinating – I’m procrastinating right now from packing for our flight ina few hours … quotes are a great way to spend the time instead :D!

    • Really? I though you would pack super fast, I always pack fast so I do not have to think about it ha ha ha
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #75My Profile

  4. Love these quotes. Haven’t heard the one by T.S. Elliott about time…I can really relate to that one especially when I’m lying around in my hammock! Hahaha
    Ron Robbins recently posted…Yamdrok Lake: The Transformation of a GoddessMy Profile

  5. Love these quotes! I like the James Dean one for sure! And I must admit – I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who ambles away her time in search of great quotes!
    Stephanie Mayo recently posted…Best Bookshops on the West CoastMy Profile

  6. Great quotes! Always fun to find a good one.
    Marsha recently posted…Men’s Hockey Gold at Vancouver 2010 OlympicsMy Profile

    • Marysia

      Ha ha ha, yes I always love finding some good ones myself, maybe that is what I play with those graphics so much :)
      Marysia recently posted…Faro Best Attractions My Profile

  7. Esta

    Beautiful quotes ! Very inspiring :D

  8. Love those quotes, thanks for sharing them
    noel recently posted…Cool Graffiti at Clarion Alley, San FranciscoMy Profile

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