Australia Has It All

Over the years Australia has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. The country is filled with incredible natural beauty, offers a chance to see unique flora and fauna, to be found nowhere else in the world.

It is one of the best places to practice water sports, having some of the best surf beaches in the world and unquestionably the best underwater experience for divers – Great Barrier Reef.


Australia is also one of the biggest wine producers in the world, with more than 2400 wineries all over its territory. It makes for a great destination for wine enthusiasts, read me – Marysia – real lover of full bodied red!

Australian holidays is the best thing than can happen to you, or to me ha ha ha Think of it! Landscape, water fun and wine! Not your thing? Don’t you worry, Australia has other things to charm you up!

So, Yes! Tickets to Australia, please!

1. Explore the Wildlife

Australia broke from the southern super continent of Gondwana around 140 million years ago. From this point on, Australia remained somewhat isolated from the climate changes of the rest of the world, so the flora and the fauna here were shaped in a unique way, highly influenced by the climate and the geology of the new formed continent.

The unique fauna that originated in Gondwana, such as the marsupials, survived and adapted in Australia. High percentages of the huge variety of animals are endemic to the island-continent: 83% of the mammals, 89% of the reptiles, 90% of the fish and insects and 93% of the amphibians.


The wildlife here represents a big attraction for nature enthusiasts, some of the animals found here and only here represent emblems of the country and are in themselves a reason to visit this isolated continent which developed in such a unique and different matter. The kangaroos and the koalas are probably the most famous species as marsupials represent the biggest curiosity to the visitors of the big continents.


There are 15 World Heritage-listed wonders in Australia and more than 500 national parks. The best experiences one can enjoy when it comes to the wildlife of Australia have to be offered by the Red Center Western and the Australia’s Kimberley.

One of the most spectacular reefs in the world, the Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, offers a great diversity of sea life. See koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, sea lions, pelicans and penguins on Kangaroo Island, a haven for Australia wildlife.

Discover the wetlands and waterfalls of Kakadu National Park, home to one third of all Australian birds. Or step back in time in the Daintree Rainforest, where some of the Australian plants date back to Gondwanaland. Between May and September, you can spot whales along Western Australia’s vivid wildflower trail.


2. Water adventure sports

Australia is an island continent, it is completely surrounded by water and most of the population is concentrated on the coasts. Water sports are high priced and massively practiced here.

With wonderful opportunities to observe the underwater fauna, it is a popular destination for scuba divers, especially on the Great Barrier Reef area, which is the world’s largest living organism. More than 4000 species of fish can be observed on the coasts, making the Australia waters a treasure trove of marine life. You can even swim with whale sharks (in Ningaloo Reef) or sea lions (around the Eyre Peninsula).


Disputedly the best place to surf on earth, Australia has amazing surf beaches, with first class waves born from the Pacific Ocean in the east, the Indian Ocean in the west and the Southern Ocean in the south. The best known beaches in Australia are Bells Beach, near Torquay; In New South Wales, Byron Bay; Newcastle, Sydney; Queensland’s Gold Coast.


3. Fine Australian wines

There are over 2400 wineries all over Australia. Dotted amongst 65 wine regions around the country. Australia’s wine regions produce more than 100 different grape varieties and over 30 million glasses of Australian wine are consumed worldwide every day.

Australia is home to some of the oldest vines in the world, dating back to the 1850s. An ultimate Winery Experience in Australia is a collection of premium award-winning wineries in Australia’s most renowned wine regions, offering a range of diverse experiences beyond the cellar door.


The most famous wine producing areas in Australia include the Margaret River in West Australia, the Barossa Valley in South Australia, the Adelaide Hills also in South Australia, McLaren Vale located in South Australia as well, the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, the Yarra Valley in Victoria, the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and Tasmania.

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