Canadian Christmas

It’s that time of year again where seasoned travellers of the southern hemisphere get a little nostalgic for a bit of winter weather. It’s true, there’s nothing quite like the experience of Christmas on a tropical beach, however, for an truly authentic festive period, advent addicts might want to search out something all together more snowbound. And what better place to do that than in the snowy climes of Canada – a country famed for its love of ice, snow and a decent woollen scarf!

Here then, we take a look at five winter wonderlands to help you enjoy.

A truly white Canadian Christmas

Ice Walking in Alberta

Ice Walking in Alberta, Canadian Christams

If you are looking to experience the Canadian wilderness at its most unspoiled, then the Canyon IceWalk is definitely the way to go. Navigate frozen creeks, steel catwalks, awesome ice-falls and enjoy unbeatable views of the spectacular Banff canyons – by day or by night. The most intrepid travellers amongst you might try out ice-climbing or hang around long enough to catch the wolves on a hunt.

Sledding in Saskatchewan

Sledding in Saskatchewan, Canadian Christmas

Try your hand at authentic dog sledding through one of Canada’s most treasured boreal forests and experience the true frontier. With a range of options to suit the whole family, Saskatchewan’s Sundogs Sled Excursions is the perfect way to get back to nature and should definitely be on your bucket list. Adrenaline filled and full of exciting routes, those without a credit card looking to spend a day on the tundra should stock up on winter gear online with paysafecard.

Icewine in Niagara

Icewine in Niagara Canadian Christmas

Besides the iconic waterfall, which is also prone to freezing on really cold days, Niagara is also famous for its award winning icewines. The annual Niagara Icewine Festival runs through January and gives visitors a chance to enjoy a series of vineyard tasting sessions. The Perfect way to stave off the icy winds.

Maple Syrup at Sugar Moon

Maple Syrup at Sugar Moon Canadian Christmas

Canada, of course, is well known for its delicious maple syrup. Thankfully, for lovers of the sticky sweet treat, Sugar Moon Farm & Restaurant has a number of festive options for you to enjoy while you take in the spectacular snowy sights. Why not book a Christmas celebration at the fabulous restaurant after you’ve donned a pair of snow shoes to explore the surrounding maple tree forests.

Ice Hockey in Alberta

Ice Hockey in Alberta, Canadian Christmas

Sports fans rejoice – because in Canada winter sports are king. For a taste of ice hockey at its most authentic, why not take a trip to Plaster Rock where you will find the World Pond Hockey Championship. With more than 20 pond ice rinks, you will find competitors from all over the world for you to cheer on. What’s more, if you get in early enough and you fancy your chances, you too can register your very own pond hockey team.

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