#MTAnews: I’m off again!

I know I have just written about being back and I’m off again?! But this time only for a very short week. Ok, ok maybe maximum 10 days. I think I’m addicted to making travel plans.

After four months on the road I really need a serial cultural immersion. Some exquisite art exhibitions. Some high end restaurants. Some fashion and a glass of beautiful dry red. Or better two.

I love my adventures on the road. Trekking in the mountains. Being lost in national parks and interacting with locals. I love visiting rural villages and eat local food but I’m helplessly addicted to art, culture, opera, amazing food and red. After all ‘the big city Girl’ is still in me.

My European travel plans:

Paris France Travel travel plans

“Paris was a universe whole and entire unto herself, hollowed and fashioned by history.” ― Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire

Yes, Paris it is. Just for few days. It was without a doubt that I will start in Paris, I always do. To try some delicious dishes prepared be a talented Japanese chef I have heard so much about, to enjoy dinner in La Tour d’Argent. To check out photographies by Claude Simon, in my favourite Centre Pompidou, will be a real treat for my culture-starved mind.

Vienna Austria Travel travel plans

“Vienna wasn’t just a city, it was a tone that either one carries forever in one’s soul or one does not. It was the most beautiful thing in my life.” ― Sándor Márai, Embers

Mid week is devoted to Vienna and I feel like I own you a little explanation why?! Having a proper coffee was a huge challenge. No, it is not about lack of cooking water. Let me only say, tea is a king in the region I have been travelling in.

And lets be honest I never say NO to a good opera, La Boheme by Puccini is on stage!

Travel Zurich Austria travel plans

“How wrong Emily Dickinson was! Hope is not “the thing with feathers.” The thing with feathers has turned out to be my nephew. I must take him to a specialist in Zurich.” ― Woody Allen, Without Feathers

I will finish with a week in Zurich catching up with the famous Miss Champagne and Mr Banker and many other friends. I will indulge in some art of course as 150 Master Prints by Edvard Munch are on show. But frankly I have a feeling it will be a ‘big night out’ every night ha ha ha Details and pictures will follow I promise.

Even though I have visited each of those cities so many times that I lost count. I’m sure there will be something new, interesting or annoying to tell you, my dear reader, about.

Rome Italy Travel travel plans

“Veni, vidi, vici. (I came, I saw, I conquered.)” ― Julius Caesar

After that I’m officially scheduled to be back home, but I have no return ticket yet, so stay tuned. There are few destinations on my mind. And Zurich airport has many intriguing connections every day, so stay tuned with my travel plans. Maybe Rome?! :)

I love interaction so don’t be shy and hit those share buttons below. You want to stay updated with my travel affairs? Check out #MTAnews section.

Have a nice week everyone! Marysia

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16 thoughts on “#MTAnews: I’m off again!

  1. Steffi

    Great photos and have a nice time Marysia!

  2. Enjoy! You do need some civilisation from time to time after your adventures…..right?
    Malin recently posted…Comment on Quartier 206 by WolfieMy Profile

  3. Tom

    I’ve never been to Paris, although I had a chance but I chose something else. I try to stay away from overrated places and it seems a bit snobbish for me ;)
    What is your opinion about Paris Marysia? Would you recommend to go and visit? Or is it only about shopping, snobbish and rude people (from what I’ve heard) and how about the famous Eiffel Tower? Is it really that great in reality?
    I must add that all my friends love Paris… Someday I’ll go and see for myself ;)
    Tom recently posted…Tbilisi, Georgia – The City of Great CharmMy Profile

    • Ha ha ha Tom, very good questions.

      Would I recommend visiting? Yes I would, even for a sake of seeing it yourself and being able to decide if you like it or not.

      Is it overrated and snobbish? It can be, it all depends what you set up to visit and who you hang around with and from your personal preferences. I didn’t like Paris after my first visit, I didn’t like it after the second one either. Paris is a very hard city for tourists, it can be tiring, frustrating, disappointing, overpriced. It took me many years, many visits and a lot of my personal effort for me to finally fall for this city.

      Is it all about shopping? It can be all about shopping if you like it, Paris is a perfect place for a shopping trip.
      Do I go for shopping to Paris? No! I mainly go to Paris to catch up with my friends, to eat well and enjoy some of the best art exhibitions in the world. It may sounds boring for some but I do love art to the extension of just going somewhere to see something I’m interested in!

      Are the people rude? Yes, they can be… live in Paris is not as easy and not as fancy as we all think, it is a very big city, traffic is insane, apartments are expansive and very little people can afford living in a nice location, they need to work a lot and they have nothing to do with a glamour life of a Parisian we tourists set up our heads! So people can be sometimes slightly impancient and ‘rude’ ha ha ha Even on this trip I saw a man who start hitting a car and shouting because it was green on the pedestrian and pure driver got stuck in the light change lol

      The Eiffel Tower? To be honest I went once on top, many many years ago, the view was superb, really worth it to see Paris from above. Would I do it again? No, I do not feel a need. But someone I always end up taking a picture of two on every trips, somewhere from the car, from Pompidou Centre rooftop bar, from Trocadero etc etc It is a very famous landmark and it is visible from many many places in the city.

      Everyone loves Paris? I have always been very suspicious of all those people telling me how much they love Paris after they spend a weekend there. I was thinking that there must be sth wrong with me, cos it took me forever to be at the same stage as those after a weekend. Can’t explain that, maybe they just have been more lucky than me :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #47My Profile

  4. Mellisa Turner

    Wow ! What a great itinerary you have planned. Enjoy and happy journey.

  5. Hogga

    wow, have a great time!
    Hogga recently posted…Why Everyone Should Go Eat a PeckerMy Profile

    • Thanks a lot Girl, so far so good :)

  6. Woohoo! Don’t stop! All great cities with never ending stories to give. Have fun soaking up the culture and art. Dare ya to take the first flight out of Zurich! :P
    Shaun recently posted…MIG-29 Flight Part 2 – ManoeuvresMy Profile

  7. Jon Patrick

    More than a bit jealous… what a great trip planned, look forward to your updates!

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