Things Nobody Will Warn You About Travelling the World

Many people envy people who decide to leave everything behind and just to explore the world. Reading all those blogs and seeing Instagram profiles of those brave travelers, it might seem like they are living the dream without any problems and consequences left at home. But the reality is a bit different.

Today I am going to talk about four things nobody is going to warn you about if one day you decide to leave everything behind and travel the world. And although many of your dreams will become truth, you will have to deal with many unplanned and unpleasant surprises as well, which might sometimes ruin the whole wandering spirit.

Do not expect that everyone will support your decision

After telling the world that you are going to travel the world, you are most likely to meet three types of people. Some of them will envy you, some of the people will try to make you scared with various illnesses and terrorist, and try to convince that after you come back home, nobody will want you back, and you won’t get my job back. And the third group just won’t care enough to react to it.

To be fair, probably the worst group of people is the last one. Like seriously – how can you don’t care about my amazing decision to travel the world? Why don’t you want to know, at least, to what countries or the part of the world I am going?

Well, naturally – they just don’t care! And that is fine, although it is hard to hear it. We have to understand them too. It can be that the biggest part of these people is dying to do the same thing, but they can’t because of their families or work. Or some people literally don’t understand this need of yours. So the lesson here would be not to listen to these people and better concentrate on ones who are happy for you. It will make you fell better, and you will feel at least a bit of the support.

You will get more stress while traveling than working

Yes, we do believe that traveling is a piece of cake, and it is always super fun and pleasant. But the reality is a bit different. To be fair, while we work we have a strict schedule of the day, and it keeps us busy all the time. While when we are free, we are also free to choose what we do next. And that might be the most stressful thing, especially for workaholics.

It is very hard to plan every single detail, or to keep you busy all day long while you are traveling and that should not be something new for you. Especially if you are going to a very exotic and hard to predict country – trying to keep yourself on a planned travel schedule will be hell. So the basic tip for you would be to relax and don’t try to plan everything. Sometimes you can discover something one of a kind, just because you choose a different route than planned.

Social media is not showing the reality

I do believe that you love to follow your most favourite travel bloggers (me included!), but you should also know what not everything that is online is the truth. People do not like to share things they hate or something that didn’t work for them. So all those photos on Instagram we can see are just a small part of the reality, and it is usually the pretty part of it.

In social media, you will never see a dirty toilet in the middle of India, or starving local kids, simply because nobody will press “like” button on these things. And social media is all about those likes! The real experiences are shared among the closest friends, so you have to deal with the fact that not everything will be as pretty as you saw on your favourite blogger’s Tumblr page. And you won’t be able to chance that too.

You might not find what you are looking for

And finally – this. Many people who choose to quit everything and travel the world are looking for more clearness in their lives. They feel confused, and don’t have any goal in their lives too. They usually ask themselves questions like “who am I?” or “what should I do?”, and they are literally dead tired of the same old routine every day.

The reality is that not everyone of us will get lucky in those wandering around the globe. Some people will get the idea of the life’s meaning after one week abroad while some will continue their searching for many years. So just be prepared to realize that sometimes you might not find what you were looking for. And that is totally okay because you are not the only one, who feels the same way.

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