4 Destinations to Visit in the Springtime

Spring is the best time to travel for a myriad of reasons. It’s warm enough that you can explore and do outdoor activities without feeling like your toes are gonna fall off.

But it’s not too hot that you can’t step outside without feeling like you’re going to sweat through your clothes.

The spring is the perfect combination of warm with a constant, smooth breeze. You can wear a jacket, but you won’t freeze without it. You can wear a dress or long pants.

You can even wear open toed shoes! And because the spring tends to have perfect weather, it makes it a great time to travel.

There’s nothing worse than traveling during freezing cold or scorching heat, so if you’re thinking of booking a vacation soon, check out these 4 destinations to visit in the springtime:


Canada is a great place to vacation, but it’s known for its brutal winters. So, if you’re trying to make a trip up north, the spring is the perfect time. Montreal is an amazing, lively city with a surplus of things to do in the spring.

The city combines modern touches with classic buildings, and it’s definitely a sight for sore eyes. If you go during spring, make sure to check out the colourful flowers at the Montreal Botanical Garden and Mount Royal Park.


Colorado is a very popular state during the winter, but it doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves during the spring. Sure, it’s the place for snow sports, but the views don’t stop just there!

Take a trip throughout the state and make sure you start in Denver, as it’s the easiest to find flights from Denver airport to the rest of Colorado.

Go camping, check out the Colorado Springs, or embark on one of the many amazing hiking trails throughout the state.

San Diego

There is nothing like California during the springtime. San Diego is a beautiful city that tends to heat up during the summer, so if you’re longing for a trip to California, definitely go during the spring when it’s more cool.

You’ll still get to enjoy all the sweeping views of the city without the blistering heat. There are tons of things to do in San Diego in the spring.

Take a stroll throughout Balboa Park and bask in the sun on any of the stunning beaches. 


Madrid is a wonderful city all year long, but there is just something about Europe during the spring that is just so special. If you’re in the mood for beautiful sights paired with a delicious glass of sangria, add Madrid to your list.

The spring is a good time to visit because you can enjoy all the outdoor views without completely sweating from walking around all day.

You can even learn to cook like a local with a Spanish cooking class where you’ll prepare traditional Spanish dishes. And if you’re short on time, go on a Madrid guided tour so you can see all that the city has to offer in one go. 

There is something so carefree and happy about the spring, which makes it the absolute perfect time to take a well deserved trip.

The flowers are in the bloom and you can comfortably enjoy a glass of wine outside with dinner. Not to mention a vacation is the perfect opportunity to break out your very best spring fashion.

If you have been itching to travel recently but aren’t sure where to go, check out any of these locations. Because you deserve a nice spring break.

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