Kolsai Lakes Trekking


Kolsai Lakes, Kazkahstan

Klsai Lakes are three picturesque mountainous lakes. Which are called pearls of the Northern Tien-Shan. Set among steep, pine-clad slopes, alpine meadows and rocks, nestled in a spur of the Kungey Alatau.

Each lake of Kolsai Lakes is said to have charm and crystal-pure blue water. It’s an ideal place for hiking and trekking. And for those who do not know me personally I’m a trekking Princess. I love every bit of it. And do it in every possible place all over the world. So I was not going to miss such a site, no way!

We organized a weekend trip. As it takes more then few hours from Almaty to get to National Park of Kolsai Lakes. At some point normal road is over and you need to drive through steppes with no signs. I wouldn’t place any hope in the navigation system. Google maps are not aware of Kolsai Lakes existence!

Following our arrival. We checked into a Kazakh household. Hosted by a great man who during his service in Soviet Army stationed in Poland, in Wroclaw. And kept on calling me ‘pani z Polszy’ (lady from Poland). After being feed with Kazakh supra (soup) we took off to the National Park. To trek in the mountains surrounding the lakes.

Kolsai Lakes Scenario

It is truly breathtaking area and I can’t stop being amazed by every few meters I go. It takes three hours to the second lake and then another three to the third lake. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any of them. After two and a half an hour of walking up to the mountains it started pouring with rain. We got soaking wet after 5 minutes and had no other options than returning to the meeting point.

With those kind of weather conditions mountains can become a very dangerous place. And we were risking not making it back before twilight. After another two and a half an hour we were back. Slightly disappointed. Frigid and wringing wet. Some other time I thought.

And to our big surprise our residence which had toilets outside and no sign of a bathroom in the building. Had an excellent sauna room just next to the cow barnyard. It was a true balm for our chilled to the marrow bodies. During dinner I was silently sweeping manty with my fork. While suddenly I was snatched from my thoughts by Adhan called by a muezzin from the minaret near by. Oh, yes! I have almost forgotten that I’m in a Muslim country.

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  1. Tom

    Looking forward to visiting this place in future.

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