Palma de Mallorca Affair

After an amazing trip to Benin I decided that I needed a holiday from the holidays. Ha ha ha Yes, believe me, I’m dead serious lol. Palma de Mallorca happened to be everything I needed. Sun, sand and sea. And extremely chilled, I was so glad I didn’t go to Ibiza.

Palma, the capital city, is majestically located on a sickle-shaped bay. The pulsating heart of the Balearic Island, not only is it historical and touristy but also economic, commercial and political. I learnt that as soon as I arrived at my hotel – Grand Melia Victoria Palma de Mallorca. The first person I spotted was the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs accompanied by ministers from all European countries…luckily, they didn’t drink up all of the Hendrick’s from the bar and I could start my Spanish holidays properly.

Palma is a real charmer, suave and beautiful, vibrant and relaxed, always with a tasty splash of local wine. The city offers a rich mix of culture, history and nightlife, while carefully maintaining a balance between a cosmopolitan atmosphere and the centuries of history visible within its walls.

I spent five lovely days in Palma de Mallorca, enjoying the thriving cultural scene, chic boutiques, high-end restaurants, trendy bars, avant-garde galleries, lunches in the old marina  and swanky beach clubs. Puro Beach is the place to go. Nikki Beach is overrated and probably the worst I have ever visited. I will not comment on the fight in the middle of the day and the twenty cops walking around and investigating what happened. Shame on you Nikki Beach/

The city is quite unique, extremely sophisticated, upmarket and urban, yet simmered down.

Palma de Mallorca Rocks!

The best thing to do here is to swing between the new and the old. Palma is literally packed with ancient palaces, historical landmarks and examples of traditional Spanish architecture. So, get lost among the cobble-stoned alleys of the Old Town, admire a Gothic sandstone masterpiece – La Seu Cathedral, and visit the Llotja, which used to serve as the merchants’ trading exchange. Spend some time in Bellver Castle. Sip coffee on Plaza Mayor, pay a visit to the Arab Baths and, last but not least, appreciate the typical Mallorca courtyards. They are the most Mediterranean things just after a siesta and olive oil.

I had an amazing time in Palma, which is packed with amazing bars and restaurants. If I was to recommend places that you shouldn’t miss it would be a very, very hard choice to make. As for the restaurants Abaco and Bistro del Tristan were very nice, but my two favourites are Forn de Sant Joan and Flanigan. I never say ‘no’ to lobster and champagne Ha ha ha As for the bars, the winner is Ginbo Bar – the best place in the whole island, and I’m afraid it will stay that way for decades to come. One day this place will be an institution! If you are a gin lover then this is the place for you! If not, seriously, what is wrong with you???

As most people, I had no idea that Palma is a famous place for sunsets, and believe me, it is. Nothing better than watching the sun go down on the port and the bay on a warm afternoon with a perfectly chilled….yes, you guessed well….gin and tonic.

I will definitely be coming back here!

13 thoughts on “Palma de Mallorca Affair

  1. Marian

    Thanks for sharing with us your experiences on Mallorca Island. Very good article about Palma de Mallorca! I recommend a train trip to Soller. Wonderful! I think it takes a few years to visit all offers Mallorca.

  2. Enza

    Beautiful article and very beautiful blog! I’d like to remain in touch with you. Regards from Mallorca!

  3. Andreu

    Amazing post about my city. Thank you very much.

  4. I visited Palma around the same time U did, and discovered new and good things about an Island formerly associated only with Magaluf and Palma de Mallorca.
    Palma should be credited for : It’s urban but not. It’s touristy but not. It’s a busy city but not. And, like the author, I LOVE GINBO :-)

    • Indeed, Ginbo is super! And I have wrote another post about Mallorca describing its beauties outside of Palma.

  5. Monika Jall

    I miss times when I was living in Palma de Mallorca…Fantastic post

  6. Jam

    So beautiful! I was there in July… And I totally love every minute of it especially the beach Es Trenc. Hope to get there soon again.

  7. Diane

    Very pretty Mallorca! I hope to visit Spain really soon! :)

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