Nimes – Au rendez-vous


Arena in Nimes, France

Staying slightly outside of Avignon was a great idea. Hotel in the old. Renovated farm house. Surrounded by sunflower’s fields and chestnut forests fulfil all my romantic illusion about Provence.

Distant city on the hill is a first thing I see through a little window with lovely window shutters after opening my eyes in the morning. I can imagine myself waking up to such view every day of my life.

Nimes is a place of two thousand years of history where Roman masterpieces mix with contemporary architecture. City is known for its world’s best preserved Roman Arena which served different functions. From Latin arena where combat between gladiators took place/ Through being a fortress in the Middle Age. To outstanding concert place nowadays.

Impressive enormous walls and whole system of arches of Arena in Nimes are worth a tour. If You climb to the top perimeter wall of it, You will be rewarded with breathtaking view across the city.

The nearby Maison Carree. A small building inspired by the architecture of the Temple of Apollo in Rome is another great attraction of the city.

Have a walk over streets of the old town of Nimes. You can explore an urban heritage that is less known but just as authentic as Roman legacy. Have a coffee on Place du Marche. Stroll Place aux Herbes and Rue Fresque. Sight see Tour de l’ Horloge and Norte Dame and Saint Castor Cathedral.

Nimes Bests!

If You are an art lover You shouldn’t miss Carre d’Art – Museum of Contemporary Art and  Ecole des Beaux-Arts – Nimes Fine Art Museum.

This traditional Southern town of sleepy streets. Calm kaleidoscope of colors and scents, has a fire blood in its veins. Famous ‘ferias’ intensify character of the town. I’m told that corridas and bodegas are in full swing, vino and sangria flow like water.

I always say. What more one need in life than a bit of excitement and fine wine. My next trip will take place over  The Whitsuntide Férias for sure.

2 thoughts on “Nimes – Au rendez-vous

  1. Jessica

    Hey there, we actually did visit Nimes during the Pentecost feria last year and the city is really totally transformed. It feels very Spanish and there are so many people in the streets. We had sangria and paella and enjoyed the festive atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit, although for visits to the arena you could only visit if you had tickets to the corridas.

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