Ballooning over Cappadocia


Ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey

Being in Cappadoicia I have decided to make one of my dreams to come true. A hot air ballooning! I was thinking about it for a while. I have heard about some amazing flights in Africa. Above Masai Mara so I have decided to give it a try when I had a chance.

It was a real trill to float sedately amongst the fairy chimneys. Soar majestically over the extraordinary scenery of the region. While the sun was rising. Colouring the landscape warm tones of gold.

Ballooning was a fantastic adventure. I loved every moment of it. Imagine sprouting as gently as a cloud. Above glorious vistas of moonscape dotted with villages. Stupendous rock formations. Vineyards and fruit orchards. I have to admit that there is no better way to see Cappadocia than from 800m above the ground while ballooning.

Most flights takes time in early morning due to favourable wind conditions. We started ascending before the dawn. It was one of more spectacular aurora I have seen in my life. And I have seen some superb ones. Likeone in Angkor Wat or Taj Mahal.

Ballooning in Cappadocia

The ballooning takes about one and a half an hour. As a result of the micro climate and the phenomenal formation of the landscape we had a chance to fly extremely low. Amongst fascinating chimneys of Pasabag Valley, to dip deep into the canyon. And even pick up apricots from tree-tops as we were passing by.

While after few minutes we were so high up that I could hear some anxiety sighs from passengers next to me. People and companies organizing those air ballooning adventures are highly professional. Everything is supervised by an operator from the ground and well organized. Including landing and celebratory cocktail.

It was a lifetime’s experience of which I have got a certificate. And more important most memorable shots and memories from Cappadocia. Not to miss!

8 thoughts on “Ballooning over Cappadocia

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  2. Ian [EagerExistence]

    I couchsurfed near Cappadocia, and my hosts showed me around all the touristy sites and awesome fairy chimneys. They recommended against the balloon ride, since we couldn’t bargain a price much below 100€, and I was on a backpacker budget. I regret it though, not seeing such awesome scenery from the air. Lucky I managed to get a discounted balloon ride over Egypt during the same backpacking trip.
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  3. Cynthia H

    Lucky, lucky you! It sounds like a dream. I only saw Cappadocia from the ground as a child, but ballooning must have been an exceptional experience!

    • My Travel Affairs

      It has been amazing, Im so so happy I have planned to do it :) Thanks Cynthia x

  4. Michelle W.

    This looks wonderful! I can only imagine how beautiful the views were…

    • My Travel Affairs

      This is one of those moments, that pictures can not clearly express!

  5. My Travel Affairs

    I would be happy for your words to come true Vinzei!

  6. Spanish Holiday Villa

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