Europe – Budget Tricks!

With the economy in poor shape and many people feeling the pinch everyone wants a cheaper holiday.

This can be achieved in a number of ways and involves making a few little changes, which will not impact on the overall enjoyment of the trip.

You think to skip Europe? Because we all know it can be pricey? Here are tips, tricks and advice how to enjoy Europe on a budget!

Combine travel and sleeping arrangements

Taking a cruise, hiring a motorhome or travelling by sleeper trains are all examples of how the journey in Europe can be combined with the accommodation. This means that you cut down on travel expenses as it is all part of the initial price.

I especially love an idea of river cruise holidays. Only thinking about rivers such as Rhine, Moselle, Main, Neckar, Elbe, Danube or Seine. Imagine only all those amazing landscapes, lovely villages and spectacular architecture you can admire on such trip.

Yet still keeping with the main problem, saving money. Jackpot! :) I myself seriously think about planning something like that this summer!

Get off the tourist trails, so typical for Europe!

We all know that if you choose to sit and drink a cup of coffee at a cafe opposite the Colosseum in Rome or with a view of the Eiffel Tower it will cost a small fortune, so it may be better for you to do a barista course in London before you go and make your own coffee for exploring Paris

Europe is full of beautiful hidden gems! That will allow you to escape the crowds and the prices that are charged along with them due to demand. It is a win-win situation!

In those lovely places, there is also more chance of meeting the locals and having a more authentic experience and the added bonus will be the extra euros in your pocket.

Guys at Grand European Travel came up with a great infographic with the 11 Hidden travel gems across Europe you can’t miss. Have a look!

Research free attractions

It is generally impossible to do absolutely everything on offer in a destination while on holiday there, so make sure that you do the free things first. These can be just as good as the expensive alternatives and in some cases better.

This means that you can splash the cash on one or two extra special things later on in the trip or just be pleased that your holiday didn’t break the bank. There are a good number of guides to many places not available online, which highlight what can be done for free in many holiday locations.

By consulting these before you go, you will know where to head and which days of the week are best. In many places, one day a week is given over to free entry, so find out when this is and if it is Monday, for example, do all the museums you can fit in on that day.

Then spend Tuesday lounging on the beach or relaxing in a free park in order to recuperate. This way you will return home having seen everything you wished to see and feel rejuvenated from your trip too.

Have a picnic lunch

When holidaying in warm climates it is nice to spend as much time outdoors as possible and this includes at mealtimes. That does not mean you must find a restaurant with a terrace, just a well-stocked supermarket and a nice spot by the marina or in a park.

You can also try lots of local delicacies by purchasing them in this way and having them in your picnic. It involves a little bit of planning in advance, but a DIY lunch will cut the costs and allow you to eat out at dinner time.

Europe doesn’t have to be expensive. So do not be afraid, simply approach it with a twist.

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