It is always summer in Benidorm

Benidorm, a coastal town located in the province of Alicante in Spain, is a highly popular tourist location with many credits to its name.

It is so popular among British tourists that it has even had a TV show created in its honour and, while the show does look at the destination in a more comedic light, it also shows off the resort’s most attractive features and has no doubt helped to increase the tourist count each year.

And it is ‘no wonder’ with 300 days of fantastic beach weather and steady warm temperatures Benidorm is like a little heaven during whole year but especially when the rest of Europe starts to become grey and foggy.

History and Gastronomy

Until the 1960s, Benidorm was a small village known for its fishing industry. Going back further, it is believed that Benidorm had settlements, with evidence of Roman and Punic remains.

A local population did not grow there until the Moors arrived, and it was not officially known until 1325 when it was awarded a town charter, which is when Christians began to inhabit the land.

All those different cuisines and culinary traditions influenced current ‘Benidorm’ kitchen. Traditional fish casseroles, ‘pebrot’ and plenty of superb fish cuts all mixed up with tapas and pinchos, not to mention amazing Spanish reds. All that makes Benidorm an ultimate foodie destination.

If you are a food lover the city offers plenty of events throughout a year. Hot Dishes Week, Tapas and Pintxos Competition, The Gastronomy Week and the Rice Dishes Week to mention just a few.

Benidorm Attractions

Despite its extensive history and varying roots, nowadays Benidorm is Spain’s biggest resort.

A Guardian journalist identified Benidorm as the ‘birthplace of package tourism’, and it remains a favourite of many tourists for whole year holidays.

On top of the affordable deals and packages offered in Benidorm, the location has rather a lot going for itself in terms of events, attractions and, of course, nightlife.

Three main beaches provide the relaxation tourists seek out on their holidays and, for the people looking for a more active holiday, the location has everything from theme parks to music festivals.

You can water skiing or wakeboard or jet-ski, just make up your mind. You prefer animals and quiet time? Or quite opposite, you are an adrenaline junkie and like to feel your heart rush? Benidorm has something for you too! Five theme parks make it more fun than Disneyland!

Music festivals fill the streets of the city with a good tune for each ear from David Guetta to Julieta Venegas.

Nightlife is off the hook, people from all countries, sexes and orientations dance their night away together in an “English Zone”.

Perhaps Benidorm is such a popular destination year after year due to its unique blend of family-friendly fun, young and LGBT fun, superb senior facilities, great weather, and brilliant attractions.

So what are you waiting for? Say yes to Benidorm and don’t forget to hashtag your pictures on Instagram with #benidormalwayssummer.

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