London – Birthday Celebration

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” – Danny Kaye

Another year has pasted and the time has come for London birthday celebration.

I love London, so this year I’m spending couple of days in this great city with Miss Champagne and Girls from Double Initial Team to celebrate my birthdays. Yea!

London is a city I will always have a big sentiment for. I used to live here and every single time I land on Heathrow Airport I get this overwhelming, heart-warming feeling of being back at home. I feel super comfortable in this superb city, many of my dear friends live here and I know my ways around! Very well!

I Love London London Birthday Celebration

It is very hard for me to write about London. Patronize you, my reader, about all the sights, museums and tours you have to tick off your list.

Maybe because I have never really been a tourist in this place. Except one summer when my lovely Sisters were visiting. That year for a first time, and last time, I have got on London Eye. LOL

I have moved out and moved on. London is no longer a place where I imagine myself living. But this city will always stay deep in my heart. I will be highly addicted to it for years to come, and like every drug it is best taken in little doses with long breaks ha ha ha

My London Birthday Celebration’s Ideas!

1. Tate Modern Museum

Tate is one of very few places I visit every single time when I’m in London. I’m a big modern and contemporary art lover. I always feel like I have reached the Promised Land every single time I walk in. Always entertains me with superb exhibitions. Tate is not afraid to shock. I highly appreciate that attitude. Art should be free from any political, mental or cultural restrains. Tate happens to be one of very few museums that never disappoint me. What have happened few times with Guggenheim in NYC or Berlin.

London Birthday Celebration Tate Modern

2. Afternoon Tea in Ritz

I know. It is slightly outdated and overly touristy but I simply adore this tradition. I’m a bit old fashioned sometimes. You know the type!? I love postcards, paper books and afternoon tea. Ritz always keeps it classy, beautiful and delicious. My cup of tea indeed.

London Birthday Celebration Tea at Ritz

3. Harrods for best shopping experience ever!

After re-charging my batteries at Ritz. Tate left me quiet tired ha ha 

Time has comes for a cherry on the cake – Harrods. I adore Harrods for a quality of shopping experience.

No matter if you buy a tie for your grandfather, a simple jacket or a helicopter they will treat you like a princess. I simply love shopping there, I always did.

I have to admit they won me over with private rooms and champagne in every possible occasion ha ha ha. So forget airport shopping and always do it with style.

London Birthday Celebration Harrods

4. Fancy cocktails at Mark’s

As you all know I’m a cocktail addict. There is something so alluring about those little beauties. There is nothing sexier than a professional barman who knows everything about complicated art of mixology. Mark’s Bar is a place I discovered recently and added it to my London’s Top 10 immediately. It happened after a first sip of Stiff Upper Lip.

London Birthday Celebration Mark's Bar

5. Party till the break of dawn

This city works hard and plays even harder. In London it is always a party time. From little local bars to members clubs. From birthday cocktails to big extravaganza balls.

After 3 or 4 days my body always reminds me I’m not 20 anymore. Simply can’t handle dancing on the tables till wee hours every single day of the week. Does London realizes it?! I hardly doubt that.

London Birthday Celebration Annabel's

6. Portobello Road Market

I always had this ‘thing‘ for flea markets and antiques hunting. You can buy some amazing stuff there. Old-fashioned travel bags and beautiful dressers.

One of my hobbies is restyling furniture, so Portobello Road is like a heaven on earth. They only thing is that English are very hard to bargain with. Luckily years of leaving in London taught me how to charm an Englishman. lol

London Birthday Celebration Portobello Market

7. Victoria and Albert Museum

For those who want to understand and learn about fashion, design and photography. I personally love V&A for the greatest fashion exhibitions ever. Kudos!

Fashion schools from all over the world organize trips to London to attend spectacular exhibitions like Vivienne Westwood’s Retrospective or the The Golden Age of Couture.

London Birthday Celebration V&A Museum

8. Brunch in South Kensington

Lazy weekend brunches in South Ken on sunny days are my favourite. Ok, maybe I slightly went overboard with this sun. Nevertheless places like Muriel’s Kitchen charm you up and never let go.

London Birthday Celebration South Ken Brunch

9. Experience the best restaurants

London has some of the world’s best restaurants, that goes without saying. Majority of them are located in Mayfair. 

Although city is a real foodie’s Mecca, dinning is a tough cookie to crumble in London.

You always have to be aware of very strict booking hours. Never get offended with a waiter who reminds you that in half an hour you have to leave your table due to several sittings at night.

Some restaurants have to be book months before. Some require waiting patiently in the queue outside for your turn as they do not take reservations and so long and so long.

It doesn’t matter what it takes. It is well worth! From black truffle roast duck with tea plant mushroom in Hakkasan to spectacular tasting menu at Alain Ducasse.

London Birthday Celebration Hakkasan

10. West End Show

I love shows, all of them. Musicals, Comedy and Drama! From spectacular productions like ‘Billy Elliot’, ‘We will Rock You’ or ‘Wicked’ to intimate atmosphere of ‘Chicago’.

I must admit that after proof reading this post I have an urging need to book tickets to London again! See you soon My Dear London, my old love.

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23 thoughts on “London – Birthday Celebration

  1. Hey, you missed having a cold beer on the banks of the Thames in Richmond. The perfect way to end a summer afternoon and just what I did last night. We love London, we keep coming back here, a few months at a time. We haven’t once been back to Australia in 3 years, but London calls to us.

  2. Photo: Full Moon Over London Skyline

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  3. Adam Evans

    I’d definitely recommend the Tate Modern.. I’m not even a particularly huge fan of galleries but there is always something interesting to see there.

  4. Stephanie Mayo

    WOW! you’ve had some awesome birthdays while traveling!
    Stephanie Mayo recently posted…A Walk in the WoodsMy Profile

  5. Becky Padmore

    I would recommend any of these, although I do have a special place in my heart for Portobello Road Market :-)
    Becky Padmore recently posted…10 of the most beautiful European Christmas marketsMy Profile

  6. John Major

    I definitely agree with you that London is such a great place for celebrations. There are so many things to enjoy in a short span of time. A weekend birthday celebration in London is just perfect.

    • As I have mentioned before London is superb but those days I’m much more in some crazy rare destinations ha ha ha But I love london, so I cant complain :P
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #35My Profile

  7. Hens Party

    Amazing article by you. It will be memorable moment of life to celebrate the birthday in London. I have heard about London that it is beautiful place and after seeing these images no doubt about it. Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments with us!!

    • Thanks a lot for your nice words Hens :) I think London is pretty cool, but it is a bit too common (I lived there) for me to be excited, but birthday party in Madagascar or Myanmar that would be something spectacular! :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #38My Profile

  8. ibukun

    Great post, I agree haha I should also know as I live in London too. It’s a great place to live as it’s always alive and so busy. Sounds like you really enjoyed your birthday indeed.

  9. Sofie

    I’ll be having my first London tea in two weeks!
    Have been to London several times and truly love it, but didn’t get around to the tea-part yet.
    Looking forward to it!
    Sofie recently posted…Sunday Supers!My Profile

  10. Sounds awesome having a birthday celebration in London. I love London as well and try to go at least once a year and I absolutely love musicals. I think I have seen Wicked 3 times now and still love it :)
    Freya recently posted…Atlas Mountains Imnane Valley TrekkingMy Profile

  11. The Guy

    Many thanks for the tips. Afternoon tea is certainly something we are getting used to on trips to London. We visited Claridges last time which was fantastic. We are going to try somewhere different next time.

    Yes, us Brits can be hard to barter with. We have this old tradition of the price you see is the price you pay. It makes shopping quicker and more efficient. Whilst it is fun bartering in Asia it can delay what should be a routine shopping trip. Then there is shopping in the US which is very confusing since the price you see is not the price you pay as tax is added on at the end. As a visitor you struggle to accommodate for this since the tax rate varies so much from area to area.
    The Guy recently posted…Les Deux Alpes: A Resort for All ProficienciesMy Profile

  12. Great article!! You are so right about that feeling when touching down at Heathrow, even if I have moved on it is somehow “home”.

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