Set Your Eyes To Cabo San Lucas – The New Luxury Playground

Europeans are accustomed to short jaunts to sunny climes. Some of the more adventurous have even ventured to Mexico or Latin America to find their dream destination.

But have you ever heard of Los Cabos? This little gem at the end of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula is the fastest growing resort destination in Mexico and is attracting international travellers because of its amazing 5 diamond Cabo San Lucas Resorts.

Los Cabos’ unique location sets it apart from the rest of the world in many ways besides its geography.

Where the desert meets the sea, an ecosystem and climate unlike almost anywhere else on earth is created. The rugged desert mountains terminate at the gorgeous juncture of the Pacific Ocean and the incredible Sea of Cortez, the body of water Jacques Cousteau referred to as “the world’s aquarium” (also known as the Gulf of California).

The powerful Pacific is tamed as it flows up the Cortez, offering a wide variety of water sports including fishing, yachting, diving and snorkelling, SUP and surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, and good old spectator sports, where people lounge on the gorgeous white sand beaches and people watch. Golf, tennis and other land sports are widely available.

Cabo is booming, with astronomical growth over the past few decades, but still offering peaceful pristine areas to contrast the bustling, party town of Cabo San Lucas, as one explores further north.

The Pacific side of the Baja offers the quaint historical town of Todos Santos and surfers paradise of Pescadero, while the Sea of Cortez side includes the cultural centers of San Jose del Cabo and state capital of La Paz, as well as the East Cape with its rustic Baja terrain and fishing villages like Punta Gorda, La Ribera, Los Barriles and Zacatitos offering a continual diving and windsurfing paradise along the spectacular coastline.

Several European airlines are offering flights connecting in either New York or Dallas to Los Cabos, so after booking your flight you only need to find a perfect place to stay in Cabos!

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