Friday Lens Affair 222

Carew Castle Tiny Planet Effect, Wales

This Friday I’m featuring the photograph of the Carew Castle in Wales with a tiny planet effect taken by Thais Saito from the World Trip Diaries Blog.

Thais is a travel addict mom of 4 kids who took the last 2 years to travel and is now trying to adjust to a more ‘normal’ life. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Story: Carew Castle Tiny Planet Effect

We were in Wales and since it was our last country in the UK, my kids were very, very tired of castles.

We’d seen one too many. But we stopped anyway – it was our first Welsh castle.

The Carew Castle is a super small one, so it took us around an hour to see it all, so we stopped to enjoy the sun.

The UK isn’t the sunniest place in the world, so any chance of producing some vitamin D is very, very welcome.

And, of course, a patch of grass can make kids a lot happier than another room in ruins.

So we put the camera on its tripod to take a photo. We usually put the camera on the floor and run away from it so we don’t show up on the photos – or at least so it doesn’t look like a selfie.

The castle was almost empty but the funny thing is that every single person who passed it decided to stop and check the camera out.

Since it’s a 360° camera, it has that fish-eye effect so every single person ended up with a huge and awesome face.

You know those super adorable close-ups of dog faces, with huge noses?

Well, it doesn’t look too nice when the subject is a human. Lucky we took this one that didn’t have a stranger in it because usually, we don’t look at the photos before we get home.

My plea: if you see a small camera-like thing on a tripod, don’t feel like you HAVE to look at it closely.

Chances are, you’ll have your photo taken and it won’t be a very flattering one. If you want to check it out, just ask and the owner will be happy to show you. At least we will.

This kind of photo is called Tiny Planet, easily taken on a 360° camera but it can also be done easily on any photo with a few apps.

We have Roll World and Tiny Planet on our phones, but there are many that do the same thing!

Carew Castle is a castle in the civil parish of Carew in the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire.

The castle stands on a limestone bluff overlooking the Carew inlet — a part of the tidal estuary that makes up Milford Haven.

The site must have been recognised as strategically useful from the earliest times, and recent excavations in the outer ward have discovered multiple defensive walls of an Iron Age fort.

It is leased to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which administers the site.

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  1. Tariqul

    It’s awesome to pay a quick visit to this website and get to read such great posts!

  2. Gumfry

    I have been to Carew Castle before and still in love with the place. The place reminds me of some beautiful memories which I still cherish. Thank for writing about it. It feels so nostalgic.
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  3. Jonny

    I already knew this photo effect but the result of this one was really good. Your post was really informative, anyway I’m reading more about this castle at Wikipedia, very interesting.

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