Charyn Canyon – Valley of Castles

Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan

The second day of our trekking trip was devoted to Charyn Canyon. The red clay walls are carved with deep fissures. Forming caves. Shady niches and grottos of different shape and sizes. They create an impression of a huge, ghost city. Inhabited by weird creatures (Gorge of witches).

The earth appears as if it has been broken here. Opening a deep gorge. Charyn Canyon is one of the most unique natural monuments of Kazakhstan. It’s about 12 million years old. Stretching over 150 km along Charyn River in northern Tien Shan Mountain range. Close to Chinese border.

The most striking part is called ‘Valley of Castles’. Its vertical cliffs reminding the ancient castles. Created by wind, sun and water. That’s where we headed off for trekking to reach the Charyn River.

It’s a nice one hour trek but in a very strong heat with almost no shady areas. Therefore getting to the river seems so much more rewarding. It’s refreshing. Chilled and calm although current is pretty strong. Bath is all you need to regain your powers for the way back.

There is not much life you can observe there but on the way back we have seen some kind of mammals looking like meerkats but I couldn’t be sure.

You can discover the Charyn Canyon from the the viewing point on the top where you can easily get by car or walk from the border of the Charyn National Park. But views from downstairs are simply breathtaking and awe-inspiring.

Charyn Canyon Game

Try to play the game. What kind of things you see in those impressive formations. I have seen a siting cat with a tail and a head of a dinosaur. My friends Johnny Bravo and a snake.

It is called ‘the little brother of the Grand Canyon’ in the USA. But for me it’s actually more like the Red Canyon in Utah’s Dixie National Forest.

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