Comino Love: the Blue Lagoon

Comino, Blue Lagoon, Malta

Malta has an outstanding cultural and historical heritage. Which you can experience in Valetta and Mdina. An excellent cuisine which is best tasted in Gozo. And the marvellous Blue Lagoon of Comino. Every island of the archipelago gets a fair share.

Comino is an isolated rocky island situated between Malta and Gozo. It is truly beautiful and serene. There are some records about Roman farmers and pirates from the Middle Ages staying there. But the first standing building here dates back to the 13th century. When the little Chapel of Our Lady’s Return from Egypt was built and Comino became a parish.

The first permanent community on the island was founded by the Knights of St John in the 16th century. They built St Mary’s Tower. Which is one of the five still extant Wignacourt towers. The most notable structure on Comino Island served as a place of exile for errant knights. And as a prison during the French Blockade.

There is no traffic and no noise here. Only flowers, thyme and cumin. A perfect place for a bird sanctuary. Or a nature reserve. Except for being dramatically set on a cliff top with St Mary’s Tower. And the chapel. Island has the buildings of a former leprosy colony which are now used by the locals as homes. A police station during the holiday season. And a small hotel overlooking St Nicholas Bay.

The peaceful landscape includes two very small white sand beaches. Caves. Coves. A rugged coastline. Some creeks. Ultramarine waters. And spectacular limestone cliffs. There are no roads. Only hiking paths around the island.

Blue Lagoon top attraction of Comino!

The main attraction of the island is the magnificent Blue Lagoon. A narrow lagoon between Comino and the Cominotto rock formations! The best beach in whole Malta. The sand is absolutely white. The water is crystal clear. And have all shades of blue. It is a truly irresistible place.

I have come here on a private boat while sailing around Gozo and Malta. It was one of our stops but I just didn’t want to leave. Ever! Waking up to such a view. A morning dive before all the tourists arrive was the highlight of my trip. I’m ready to fly to Malta anytime just for this single experience.

It is the most awe-inspiring beach I have ever seen in the Mediterranean. No wonder that several movies have been shoot here. ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’. ‘Swept Away’ and ‘Helen of Troy’. The gloriously turquoise hue of the water and the rocky promontories are never-to-be-forgotten.

The island has another lagoon. The Crystal Lagoon. Which is only accessible by boat. Less known. Equally beautiful and a lot quieter. Charms with its emerald green water and cliffs. And there are another two beaches: St Nicholas and Santa Maria Beach. That sound like a joke of the universe!

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14 thoughts on “Comino Love: the Blue Lagoon

  1. This is where I’m going, when I book my trip to Malta :-D Seems like a lovely place!
    Marie recently posted…What I Love About DivingMy Profile

    • It really is, just be aware it is quiet touristy, I went with a private boat and stayed the night but if you go with an organized boat there will be hundreds other people with you! But nevertheless it is super beautiful :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #105My Profile

  2. Escape Hunter

    Been there, it was full of boats… the crystal clear water is supposed to be less deep, in many places <1 m, ideal for less-good swimmers, but… boats criss-cross it and that makes it quite dangerous. It gets crowded with yachts, motor boats.

    • Wow! I’m surprised of your experience. But I have come late afternoon one day with a private boat and enjoyed very quiet morning almost alone before all the boats arrived. Water is not deep only close to the shore, the further in to the sea was quiet deep as far as I remember! :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #51My Profile

  3. Amanda

    The pics you post on blue lagoon makes me wanna hope on a flight and go there right now… such a beautiful place

    • I would jump on this plane with you without thinking a minute! It is such a beautiful place indeed! I would love to go there again soon :)

  4. Jane Blog

    Definitely wanna go there =) very beautiful!!!

  5. Beautiful! I’ve always wanted to go to Malta. That water looks incredible.
    Michael Figueiredo recently posted…Giving Back in PeruMy Profile

    • My Travel Affairs

      And in real life it is so much more beautiful!

  6. Hamlet

    Interesting Post. Your Blog Design is also ok for a Travel Blog..

    • My Travel Affairs

      Im glad it is ok :)

  7. Dave Thomson

    What a beautiful place. I might just have to plan on going out there sometime, as I have always loved the tropics and ocean :)

    • My Travel Affairs

      It is indeed very beautiful, pictures do not even show it to be frank :)

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