Friday Lens Affair #167

Cubans and their colourful style, Cuba, Havana

Today I’m featuring a picture of a lovely Cuban lady taken by Joshua Sterrett from Days of Wander Must Blog.

Josh has been a wandering soul since 2008. Always looking for his next adventure to document and share to the world. You should follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo Story: Cubans and their colourful style

I met this vibrant lady in Havana while walking down the street. One of the very peculiar and lovely things I’ve found in Cuba is that Cubans LOVE to express their individuality through fashion, hair and colour. Perhaps it’s because so many other parts of their lives are out of their control. They equal the balance by expressing their individuality through fashion.

I talk with so many Cubans while working on a project. To photograph and document the lives of Cubans and their views on life, love, society and the world. I received so much great feedback from Cubans in Trinidad, Havana and Vinales. They had so many great stories to tell.

Many people say that it is impossible to capture a good photo without having the latest camera and most expensive lenses. The thing about photography today is that even our phones and cheaper consumer digital cameras have better image quality capabilities than the cameras that ‘the masters and pioneers’ of photography 50 years ago were using.

Of course, smart marketing tells us that we MUST have the latest. It is really tempting to always buy the new best thing. If your goals are to just have great photographs of your memories, then what you really need to do is just have a camera. Any camera and a solid base on HOW to take a good image!

I stopped along one of the main streets of Havana to talk with this lovely lady. Complimented her on her style of hair and how lovely it was. I was with a group doing a walking tour and so did not have much time to interview her as my group was already a block ahead of me.

Her response to me was so simple but held so much truth that my eyes went wide and my smile could not leave my face. Her response was simply that she just likes to have colour in her life.

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