Friday Lens Affair 163

Doi Inthanon National Park in Thailand.

This Friday I’m hosting this picture from Doi Inthanon National Park taken by Nathan Aguilera from Foodie Flashpacker Blog.

Nathan left home on a 6-month trip 28 months ago. He has a food-focused travel blog for mid-range travellers.

Currently spending the summer in Europe. Portugal for the month of June, then Iceland in July and Eastern Europe for the remainder of the summer.

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Photo Story: Doi Inthanon National Park

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a camper. Like, at all. I’m not exactly high maintenance but I’m not the outdoorsy type either.

So I was a bit surprised by my own willingness to let myself get talked into a camping trip. I’m so glad I did, it turned out to be so much fun.

My friends and I rented motorbikes and made the two-hour drive to spend the night on Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand.

The views from the temple on top of the mountain were incredible but the waterfalls were the highlight for me.

The park is filled with gorgeous waterfalls of varying sizes. Some you are even able to climb and swim in the pools.

One of my favourite things about the camp is that the tents are already set up for you. I’m completely useless when it comes to these types of things so that was a huge help.

Campfires are not allowed but there are plenty of restaurants and food stalls nearby.

There are also small stores selling local wine and beer to take back to your campsite if you like.

It was a really great experience sharing the campsite with all the local Thai people.

We were the only foreigners camping there that night. All the locals seemed excited to see us joining them.

If you’re in the Chiang Mai area I suggest the overnight trip visit Doi Inthanon.

The day trips are too rushed and you don’t get to camp and really experience the park. It’s well worth the time.

Doi Inthanon National Park is one of the most popular national parks in Thailand, famous for it’s number of waterfalls, viewpoints and cool weather.

Also known as “The Roof of Thailand”, Doi Inthanon National Park covers an area of 482 km² in Chiang Mai province north of Thailand.

The park is part of the Himalayan mountain range, elevation ranges between 800 and 2,565 meters with the highest peak at Doi Inthanon which is the highest mountain in Thailand.

The park has high humidity and cold weather all year round. The average daily temperatures are normally around 10-12 °C at the higher elevations.

The park is named in honour of the king Inthawichayanon, one of the last kings of Chiang Mai, who was concerned about the forests in the north of Thailand and wanted to preserve it.

After his death his remains was placed in the park as he ordered and the forest was renamed to Doi Inthanon.

The flora consists of moist evergreen cloud forests, sphagnum bog on elevations over 1,800 meters asl, dry evergreen, pine, mixed deciduous teak and dipterocarp forests on the lower elevations.

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  1. Gina

    Such an amazingly breathtaking waterfalls! I still have to explore this part of Thailand, I would love to visit it once I get back there.

  2. Beautiful looking waterfall – looks very inviting! :-)

  3. Cris at Faire Miscellany

    Sounds like a great trip. Is the food good?

  4. I don’t see a picture ??

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