Take your drone to some of the best aerial photography destinations in Europe

No matter whether you’re a seasoned drone flyer, or you’re new to the hobby, being able to explore new locations and capture amazing images and videos is a thrilling and rewarding experience.

A great benefit of many drones is that they’re small enough to take with you on your travels, so whether you’re headed to the Alps to capture some extreme sports stunts, or white sand beaches to photograph beautiful landscapes, you’re sure to have fun and build new skills.

If you’re off on your travels this summer, or you need a little holiday inspiration, the protective drone case experts at the Case Farm have put together the ultimate trip containing amazing destinations for you to capture with your drone. Check them out below!

Let’s find out more about these amazing destinations to make sure that you get the absolute most out of this once-in-a-lifetime trip.


When visiting the UK, you certainly won’t be stuck for things to capture with your drone. From sleepy woodland landscapes to dazzling blue coastlines or brutalist architecture, you’ll find everything you need within this group of countries.

The destinations in the infographic are simply suggestions, and by no means make an exhaustive list of all the beautiful photography spots in the UK.

Take time to explore what all four countries of the UK have to offer, from rural villages in Ireland to valleys in Wales, cities in England and Scottish mountain ranges.


Spain is a beautiful country with a number of landscapes to explore. Before setting out with your drone in Spain, however, you need to ensure that you’ve registered for a Spanish drone license and that anyone flying the drone is over the age of 18.

Make sure to do some research on the appropriate laws and guidelines before your trip so that you don’t run into any issues whilst you’re away.


Switzerland is not just known for its chocolate, but also for its beautiful and dramatic landscape.

During the daytime, there are no rules against flying drones other than needed to use your common sense when flying, and checking local guidelines.

For the most part, these rules are just common sense but make sure to head to the Federal Office of Civil Aviation website to read through them before you arrive.


Once you’ve filled your belly with pasta, it is time to head out and explore all that Italy has to offer for your photography and videography.

Flying a drone over beaches, towns or near airports is banned in Italy, so your best bet is to choose more rural areas to fly your drone.

The stunning Italian countryside makes a great setting for photography and videography, so you won’t be missing out on too much when flying your drone.


Greece is the place to go if you’re dreaming of white sand beaches, sapphire-blue water and breathtaking coastlines.

Hop between the many different islands that make up this country, or consider booking a boat excursion to capture scenes of the beautiful sea.


Croatia is a great place to catch some sun, explore a new culture and a range of beautiful landscapes.

Before you can fly your drone in Croatia, you need to get approval from local authorities. Do this in plenty of time before you arrive so you can get going as soon as you land.


Germany is an incredible country, with much to see from forests to built-up cities and quaint towns. Make sure to explore all of these, and enjoy some local delicacies whilst you’re in Germany too.


Don’t skip on the opportunity to capture the northern lights whilst you’re visiting Norway.

Although there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to spot them on your trip, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed!

Even if you’re not lucky enough to spot them, Norway has plenty of other natural wonders for you to capture.

Travel tips

When travelling with your drone, make sure to research and abide by local rules and regulations before heading out to fly your drone.

Also make sure to pack any spares you may need, as you could find that these are not stocked in the country you’re travelling to.

Delicate equipment can easily be knocked, bumped or broken during travel, so invest in protective carry cases for your drone and its accessories.

By doing this, your kit will be easily accessible when you pass through airport security in case you’re asked to remove it to be inspected separately.

These destinations should be enough to keep you occupied for a long time, but if you’re looking for an even greater challenge, why not consider more extreme locations – think volcanoes, storm chasing or even extreme sports!

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    Wow, What the amazing pictures! I’m glad you pointed out the legalities of flying drones in some of those countries.

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    Great article as always!
    I just got my first drone and loving it. I managed to get a second-hand Phantom 4 for about half price…
    Just wondered what are your favourite sites to learn flying techniques?
    Keep these great posts coming:-)
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    • To be honest I do not have favourite sites, just some youtube tutorials and practise :)
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    When I first read the headline to your post. I thought the rules and regulations for each country to be left out. Great information thanks for posting.

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    Wow, those are some amazing pictures! I’m glad you pointed out the legalities of flying drones in some of those countries. When I first read the headline to your post. I thought the rules and regulations for each country to be left out. Great information thanks for posting.

  11. Jerry

    Not all countries are drone friendly… things are changing fast which is a shame because one of the best ways to view a new place would be through a drone and its photos.

    • Very true indeed, more and more countries are against drones, but still many places you can make some great pictures and videos with drones.
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  12. Karen Ching

    These destinations are so breath-taking! They all look so stunning! It would really be a loss to go to these places without taking shots of the beauty that they are. I’m still looking for drones for beginners. But anyways, great list of destinations you have there. Bucket list worthy! :)

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