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Dutch House, Kew Gardens, London

This week I’m featuring an interesting photograph of the Dutch House taken by Maura McKenna from the TravelKiwis Blog.

Maura and Terry are currently rediscovering travel at 50 when not house sitting.

They love to explore not only the large tourist cities but also lesser known villages they find on their travels. Do follow them on Pinterest and Instagram.

Photo Story: Dutch House in London

So, do you think you are looking at a house in Amsterdam?

I’ll let you into a little secret. You are looking at the Orange House. It’s not anywhere in the Netherlands.

This wonderful and vibrant orange house is known as the Dutch House, and you will find it when you visit Kew Gardens, London.

The Orange House was once part of Kew Palace and dates to 1631 when Samuel Fortrey of Flemish origins, rebuilt on the site.

The new manor house became known as the Dutch House from its Dutch style of gable architecture. Even though at this time, gabled architecture was prevalent in London.

The Dutch House became popular as a residence when Queen Caroline and George II in 1728 leased the house for themselves and their family.

Caroline’s grandson George III and his wife Charlotte enjoyed the house, and it became a schoolhouse for his sons as it had for him and his brother.

Can you take a peek inside?

Of course and the Historic Royal Palaces Trust would appreciate a small donation, but this is optional.

When you arrive at the front entrance, a volunteer of the Historic Royal Palaces Trust, dressed in early century clothing will help with information to guide you through the house.

In 1896 Queen Victoria, the granddaughter of George III gifted the Dutch House to Kew Gardens on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee.

After a major restoration of the Dutch House in 1996, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 80th birthday here in 2006 here following its refurbishment.

If Kew Gardens is on your list of things to do in London, make sure you find your way to the Orange House.

The Dutch House and all its history is a wonderful place to explore and make sure to visit the replica 17th-century Dutch Garden at the rear of the house.

Kew Palace is a British royal palace in Kew Gardens in London. Originally a large complex, few elements of it survive.

The Dutch House is Grade I listed, and open to visitors. It is cared for by an independent charity, Historic Royal Palaces, which receives no funding from the Government or the Crown.

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