Top 5 Exotic places in the Caribbean

Caribbean country is undoubtedly the most exotic location in the world. From majestic deep blue crystal sea and islands to exotic foods, there are many things makes this country a worth exploring.

Famous for its islands, each place describes the uniqueness and standard of people. Adding to this, the beach sports, night life and romantic getaways defines the real picture of this country. If you’re visiting Caribbean for the first time with your family, then this article presents you with top 5 exotic locations to visit and stay.

1. Little Cayman

One of the exciting things about this place is that the runway is actually on a road, which means the oncoming traffic has to stop when the plan prepares to land. This quirky island has many more exciting and exotic things to offer for its tourists. It has the total population of 200 people.

2. Jamaica

The true essence of Caribbean country is at Jamaica. People go for holidays to the Caribbean and never miss visiting this exotic city. It is an ideal destination for family to explore the night life, culture, different locals and food of the country. This is also the 3rd largest island in this country and is blessed with vibrant tropical blooms. Montego Bay and Kingston are two main cities located in this island known for world golf courses.

3. Curacao Island

This is the most exotic and enticing island in the Caribbean land. Blessed with gorgeous coral reefs and crystal blue water, the place is located in the southern Caribbean sea of Venezuela coast. For foodies, this place is a heaven and offers grilled chicken, goat and some amazing Caribbean food. Visit to the historic downtown where streets sell duty-free diamonds, designer clothes and Dutch goods.

4. Puerto Rico

If you deep-sea fishing and scuba diving, then this is the location to visit. Known as the land of enchantment, this exotic island is known for its white sandy beaches, less crowd and natural wonders. Founded in 1521, San Juan is the capital and attracts many tourists throughout the year and offers excellent restaurants serving great Caribbean food.

5. Dominican Republic

Beaches spread over miles complimented with coconut palms and spectacular mountains, Dominican Republic is a place to explore. Many find this place perfect for honeymoon and wedding purpose. In fact, it is the second largest island in the Caribbean island. This exotic island is assorted with good climate, wildlife and plants which make this place interesting to visit. For those who love adventure activities like bird watching, camping and other activities, Dominican Republic is the place to explore.

Caribbean country offers number of exotic option to explore that can holiday goers to list down the places and visit. Places like Salt Cay, Andros, Culebra, Barbuda and many such locations pull crowds towards it for its exotic charm.

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