Flying icons – a history of flight attendants…and their uniforms!

Air hostess, flight attendants – a professional figure that has had a peculiar development throughout its history, from the very beginning, in the times when they were basically nurses, to the charming and reassuring position they today represent.

Besides having become a style icon in the last decades, they hold a multifaceted role: they have to be prepared both for minor (but essential) tasks in the cabin, such as serving food and comforting the passengers, as well as to be able to react in case of true emergencies that might occur during the flight and inside the airport.

Formerly they had to be professional nurses, nowadays they have to fulfil many other requirements (not only aesthetic canons but mainly professional skills allowing them to work in such an international environment).

On the other hand, they developed also a particular style that has intrigued also the world’s best-known stylists.

Nowadays the uniform keeps on being a cultural and professional statement relatively to each airline around the world.

Movies and artistic creations have been devoted to this profession, that keeps on having a unique allure and holds a special place in our imaginary.

Interesting, isn’t it? The page created by shows in details how this figure developed and portrays the different style changes through the decades and countries.

History of flight attendants and their uniforms

flight attendants uniforms history

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