Friday Lens Affair #26


Thaipusam, Myanmar

This week I’m hosting an amazing photograph of Thaipusam ceremony taken in Myanmar by Dustin Main. Man behind Skinny Escape Blog and Too Many Adapters. You can see more of his great photographies in original post on his site.

When I saw this picture for a first time I knew straight away that I must feature it on my Friday Lens Affair series! Not only it is quirky, unique and very mysterious. Meaning everything I think a great photo should have!

Another aspect is that it has been taken in Myanmar, which I dream to visit for about 3 years now! I’m super jealous of Dustin that he travelled there and got a chance of seeing such amazing sights, ceremonies and people! One day for sure I will make there :)

Picture Story: Thaipusam or not Thaipusam? Myanmar

I stumbled upon this Hindu ceremony on the outskirts of the port city of Mawlamyine.  As I hopped out of the tuktuk and onto the street, I was taken aback by the loud music blaring and the crowds of onlookers following in line. The devotees were making their way through the streets to the temple in a ceremony similar to Thaipusam, showing their devotion via “kavadi” or the burdens they put themselves through for their beliefs.

I was told that this man and his family were quite poor, but very devoted. With dozens of limes hanging from hooks on his body, swinging as he walked with his two sons nearby, he never batted an eye. The skewers through his cheeks and tongue were there as a constant reminder of god. Myanmar (Burma) has a way of surprising even the most jaded of travellers.

14 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #26

  1. Ami

    Oh my, what a stunning image. Amazing!
    Ami recently posted…Relaxing in the French RivieraMy Profile

    • Ami this one is truly superb indeed, even though I shouldn’t say that one of my favourites from Friday Lens Affair series.

  2. Melissa

    I wonder how often devotees use the piercings? Often enough to be able to walk around without showing any pain, I suppose!
    Melissa recently posted…Going where there are no roads… Riding a riverboat down the mighty Tambopata River into the Peruvian jungle [PHOTO/VIDEO ESSAY]My Profile

  3. Dustin

    Hey everyone.

    Not sure of the significance of the limes to be honest. I spent quite a bit of time with the people in the neighborhood where I captured this (and have since been back on another trip), but the language barrier limits my ability to get too deep.

    Thanks for the kind words,

    Dustin recently posted…Hands in the Air – BerlinMy Profile

    • I have read something about but can’t find the actual explanations why limes, maybe when I will go to Myanmar I will try to find out! That will be my mission :)

  4. Anthony The Travel Tart

    Ouch! Looks way too painful for me!
    Anthony The Travel Tart recently posted…Volunteering Abroad – The Ugly Side and How to do it EthicallyMy Profile

  5. Danni

    Incredible shot! I love his expression and the colors too! Really really beautiful capture of the local culture. It’s so amazing when you just stumble onto these sorts of things. That’s why it pays to always have a camera on you!

    • Very true, but there are always some shots you miss, luckily Dustin didn’t missed this one :)

  6. On A Junket

    Beautiful image!

    I wonder why they use limes?
    On A Junket recently posted…All in a Day’s Work for a Holiday Rep: A Barricade in DesenzanoMy Profile

    • I know the Utibuas are Islam believers in Myanmar, but I dont know why limes… maybe Dustin have an idea!

  7. Great shot! I like the almost silly/playful smirk he’s giving the camera.

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