Friday Lens Affair #37


Wall of Love, Montmartre, Paris

This week I’m hosting a photograph of a ‘Wall of Love” taken in Paris by my friend Zofia Bałdyga from The Picktures Blog. Zosia has a very unique eye and that is what I love about her pictures! To understand what I’m talking about please have a look at her blog, Twitter and Facebook.

Montmartre is one of my favourite districts of Paris. I know it is a little bit cliche, as it is quiet touristy and thousands flock there every day. But I like how original, artistry, quirky, bohemian and laid back it is. I like to stroll the streets, talk to people and admire omni present painters. Especially early spring and late autumn when the trees are not fully covered in leaves.

Having said all that, I have never spotted the ‘Wall of Love’ before so that was sth new to me and maybe that is why it spotted my eye :)

Picture Story: Wall of Love, Montmartre, Paris

I visited Paris 4 times. I visited Paris solo, with friends and for a work-related trip. Paris never was A City of Love to me. I was never in love in Paris, I was never in love with Paris. It just didn’t click. And then, out of the blue, in the middle of my work-related trip to the French capital.

I had two unexpected hours of spare time in the Montmartre. I was wandering around, eating an horribly sweet crepe and pretending I was playing hopscotch. While getting lost, I encountered the Wall of Love. A meeting point for lovers, 250 declarations in 311 languages.

Blessings written in stone to remain forever. It was early morning, there was no one except one girl playing hopscotch. I love you life, I whispered. Thank you for the words, for the languages, for Paris, for blessings written in stone and fears in sand.

4 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #37

  1. Abby

    Oh, wow. How romantic! What a moment to stumble upon that without a lot of people around.

  2. Raymond Waruhari

    Paris will always be the city of love. I went there about four years ago for my honeymoon and the experience was unforgettable.

    • Paris is great, but I think that ‘this city of love’ is a cliche! It doesn’t matter where, if you are with a loved one! :)
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