Friday Lens Affair #42


MIG-29 Fighter Jet, Russia

Today I’m hosting a super ordinary photograph of MIG-29 Fighter Jet in Russia taken by Shaun Gallagher from Shaun’s Cracked Compass Blog. I always knew Shaun is having some crazy ideas but this one just blew me away! When he told me he is up to something really crazy I wasn’t prepared for this! Ha ha ha I was thinking he will do some super hard white water rafting or sky diving! Now I can see he has much more creativity to finding those super duper activities!

I would not mind giving it a try myself! This match my sense of adventure perfectly! Just I would be a bit worried of actually loosing my conscious from all this G! And the Russian soldiers would have to worry of me talking them down to sleep ha ha Oh, well! We all know what a chatter box I’m! :)

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Picture Story: MIG-29 Fighter Jet, Russia

This picture was taken right before my dream came true. There is only one place in the world you can do this. I spent about 24 hours going through three airports to make it to Russia. I was suited up and about to sit in the cockpit of a MIG-29 Fighter Jet for a ride 17km (approx. 56,000 ft) in to the stratosphere and afterwards do a complex set of aerobatics.

I even got to take control of the fighter myself and execute some manoeuvres. It was a surreal experience and one I will never, ever forget. Click on the link to my blog and walk through the experience with me again.

2 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #42

  1. Rebecca

    Love it! I’m going to submit a photo to you soon! :)

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