Friday Lens Affair #59

Moon Jellyfish, Ripley's Aquarium, Canada

This week I’m hosting Stephanie Mayo from Lady of the Zoos Blog. And as it comes she really is a lady of the Zoos! Stephanie loves animals. You love them too? You will enjoy her blog! You can follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook. And if animals are not your cup of tea than check her other The World As I See It Blog.

Picture Story: Moon jellyfish

The dance of the jellyfish is always an elegant yet casual ballet. Fluid in a movement that helps them create their own melody.

This moon jellyfish at the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is no exception. With its translucent body and its short flowing skirt. Its station is set to moody melody. It puts on an almost hypnotic and enchanted dance.

I love to spend time watching their delicate bodies and the beautiful movement as they dance their choreographed display. Like angelic ballerinas. Set upon a back drop of a foggy underworld.

To think of this moment in time when I watched these beautiful creatures, these few words are but a drop in the oceanic bucket, per se, when I think of all the magical moments I had on my visit to the new aquarium.

I saw so many new and interesting animals there in the five plus hours that I was there. Yet still feel that on my next visit to the aquarium I’ll be astounded at the more new animals and new interesting facts that I’ll see and learn.

And so it makes me think of my many, many visits to zoos and aquariums around the world, that each moment, each snap shot is just that – a fraction in time and that as we go back to places we’ve been and set our eyes upon things we’ve already seen that if we keep our minds and hearts open we will continue to see and feel new things and experience new experiences.

Though I’ve seen many jellyfish, each new one is different and sings and dances to a new melody for me to listen to.


51 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #59

  1. Guy Toponto

    Very interesting photograph, love the colours. Is the jellyfish naturally that colour, or is there a blacklight shining on it?
    Guy Toponto recently posted…Best 0-Degree Sleeping BagsMy Profile

  2. Absolutely beautiful creatures. I’ve always wanted to try swimming with them…I believe there is a place called Jellyfish Lake that would be an amazing experience!
    Ron recently posted…Going Underground in Nepal: Gupteshwor Mahadev CaveMy Profile

    • It could be spectacular indeed, but it could end up very bad as well… I have dive in the place where there were hundreds of them and end up fine, it was superb!
      Marysia recently posted…Things to Do in Lake Atitlán, GuatemalaMy Profile

  3. Betsy

    I love jellyfish, they are really interesting to watch. Would rather not swim with them though (I have scars from an encounter with an unseen jelly a number of years ago. They are very sneaky with those tentacles.).
    Betsy recently posted…Fern – Macro Fine Art PhotographyMy Profile

  4. Great photo! Our hometown, Atlanta, has the Georgia Aquarium– the largest in the world. The jellyfish exhibit is definitely among my favorites. Jellyfish is one of the few species we prefer NOT to see in the wild!
    Bret recently posted…COSTA RICA: Scuba Diving Caño Island, #EcoCostaRicaMy Profile

    • Ha ha ha Bret I think we all prefer to observe them in aquariums, although as I said in the other comment I have a very close meeting with like 200 of them, no stinging luckily, it was amazingly surreal!
      Marysia recently posted…10 Things about Chernobyl You didn’t KnowMy Profile

  5. Jenna

    Wow! Beautiful photo–I really love it! Sounds like a great aquarium!
    Jenna recently posted…A Photo Essay: The Grand CanyonMy Profile

  6. There’s something about jellyfish that is so… beautiful! Not sure what it is :)
    Beth recently posted…Foto Friday: Umbrellas in Chinatown, Kuala LumpurMy Profile

  7. The picture is stunning, I love jellyfish – except when they are stinging me.
    Erin Bender (Travel With Bender) recently posted…Top 7 Photos Of 2013My Profile

  8. Megan

    WOW! This photo truly is stunning! Sharing now!!
    Megan recently posted…Wildlife News: Snake Swallows Australian Crocodile WholeMy Profile

  9. Sam

    I met some of these in the Sydney and Melbourne Aquarium.
    Sam recently posted…Handy Tips for a More Enjoyable FlightMy Profile

    • Ha ha ha I like the idea of meeting a jellyfish, shall we pop to Starbucks to have some coffee and chat? Ha ha ha
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #59My Profile

  10. TheChieftess

    Lovely!!! We were just in Monterey Ca at the aquarium there and I got some shots of the jellyfish as well…very similar!!! I posted them last week!!!

    • Yes Monterey has a great aquarium, I loved the amazing sea dragons they have over there!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #59My Profile

      • Syd

        I lived in Monterey this past fall and the jellyfish exhibit at the aquarium is SPECTACULAR. You can also just see lots of jellyfish floating around in the bay, especially if you go kayaking. They’re so cool! But I think I like the harbor seals better…much more cuddly!
        Syd recently posted…The Rainy Days of Long-term TravelMy Profile

        • The harbour seals are indeed cute, and Monterey has so many of them but they smell so badly, that I can only stand few mins to take picture and than have to run away :) Especially when they are in big groups!
          Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #59My Profile

  11. Angela Travels

    The Newport Aquarium in Oregon has some great Jellyfish displays as well! I agree with you about how they swim. It is just so beautiful!
    Angela Travels recently posted…Traditional Paella in El PalmarMy Profile

  12. Beautiful! Here, in western PA, USA, we have a similar looking, albeit smaller, freshwater jellyfish. I’ve seen them while SCUBA diving in local quarries. Somewhat rare, a local university is the information gathering ground for them. Wonderful and informative post. Lovely photo!

  13. Erin

    Lovely shot, striking color and cool facts. Great picture story :)
    Erin recently posted…Chelsea Market: Food Porn Paradise or Tourist Trap?My Profile

  14. I really enjoy watching moon jellyfist (in an aquarium, not if I’m actually surrounded by them). This photo captures their beauty. As they propel themselves around in the water, I feel so serene.
    Michele {Malaysian Meanders} recently posted…Baking the Perfect Loaf of BreadMy Profile

    • Actually I do not mind to be surrounded by them when I dive. It loos super unreal, I have been diving in Jordan once and the place was full of them, crazy and so so cool!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #59My Profile

  15. Nicole

    Obsessed with our aquarium in Toronto. I can’t wait to visit.

    • Not sure when I myself will be in Toronto again and if ever but I’m keeping visiting the aquarium on my mind!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #59My Profile

  16. Catherine

    Such a beautiful photo, the neon blue has been captured so well!
    Catherine recently posted…Reading List #1My Profile

  17. These are so sublime. Looks like an upside down UFO :)

  18. kadri

    Great photo, creates a nice vibration.
    kadri recently posted…Lost in a Miracular Ang Thong National Marine ParkMy Profile

  19. Beautiful image, love the lumination, great capture and a nice intro to this photographer, thanks for sharing these artists Marysia

  20. She really does take some really good wildlife photos doesn’t she? This one is amazing and I think it is one of my favorites for sure.
    Kevin recently posted…An explosion of taste in Sri LankaMy Profile

  21. Stephanie Mayo

    Thank you for showcasing my photo and story of my moon jelly this Friday!
    Stephanie Mayo recently posted…GreenlandMy Profile

  22. Stephanie Mayo

    Thanks Becky! I can certainly say they make it easy to want to photograph them, they’re so beautiful!
    Stephanie Mayo recently posted…GreenlandMy Profile

  23. Becky Padmore

    What a beautiful shot, not easy to capture so clearly! Great job :-)
    Becky Padmore recently posted…Top 10 beautiful European cities to visit by trainMy Profile

  24. Beautiful creature, beautiful blog! Love the uniqueness of Stephanies website :)!

    • Yes, she has a great blog :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #59My Profile

      • Stephanie Mayo

        Thank you so much everyone for your kind words and I’m so thrilled you enjoyed the photo and my story. My love and passion for wildlife is rivaled only to my love and passion for travel! Happy picture taking all!
        Stephanie Mayo recently posted…Never Stop Being Inspired!My Profile

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