Friday Lens Affair #6


Mission Hill Winery, Canada

Today’s striking photograph has been taken by Maurissa Shalapata from The Wanderfull Traveler Blog in her favourite Mission Hill Winery. Please follow Maurissa on Twitter and Facebook.

Maurissa says: ‘When you start a travel blog you travel and eat differently and, perhaps, more mindfully – opening up to your surroundings and fate, always asking the question of why not?’ I think I kind of admit with her. When you start writing a blog perception change a bit or at least tend to change! I fight it as much as possible! My problem is that no matter how much I enjoy blogging I do not want blogging to have an influence on the way I travel!

I really enjoy my travels and the way how I go about things. My main priority will always be for my traveling style to remain the same. You think it is wrong if I want to be a blogger?

I tend to disagree, I’m a genuine person in my blog only because I didn’t let myself to be influenced by trends in blogging :) I will be keeping you updated on where I’m standing with it every now and than :) Ha ha ha

Picture Story: Mission Hill Winery, Canada

Each Summer I try to make the trip out to Mission Hill Winery. Living in Kelowna we are able to escape to wineries as often as we please and taste the bounty of our soil. My favourite white wine, Perpetua by Mission Hill, is such a wine.

I decided to capture its complexities in a photo and remembering a spectacular effect from a Jean Baudrillard photograph where the Bastille is reflected in a glass of white wine. I was inspired to do something similar with the mountains and lake that create this wine’s character.

14 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #6

  1. Sriram

    Wow, it’s really cool.. Oh, and I really, really love your Bucketlist..

    • My Travel Affairs

      Thanks a lot, I have to update my Bucketlist soon, there is few things that I need to add….that is the weirdest thing about those list…instead of getting shorter they are always getting longer…ha ha ha

  2. Ralph

    Very nice pic. Your sure it’s not just water in the glass or really dry wine ?

    • My Travel Affairs

      Ralph this question we have to ask Murissa…

  3. Murissa

    Thanks so much for hosting my image!
    The image is of Kelowna, in British Columbia, Canada


  4. Jonteesoy

    Where is this place? I want to visit it…hehe. The view is so perfect as well as the wine being produced there. Is this in Europe? Sorry not familiar with the palce.

    • My Travel Affairs

      It is in Canada Jonteesoy :)

  5. My Travel Affairs

    It is truly striking, I’m not a big fan of white but I would give a chance to this glass ha ha ha

  6. Larry Lourcey

    Great image. I would imagine it would do well as a stock shot if you were so inclined. Great mood!

  7. Michelle

    Perpetua by Mission Hill. where is this wine produced? would like to give it a try. And yes such a perfect summer picture. I almost can see myself enjoying this glass of wine… Nice!!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Michelle may I join You? :)

  8. My Travel Affairs

    Perfect summer picture, don’t You think Karen? :)

  9. Karen

    This pic says “crisp” to me. The crisp clarity of a good wine, and the crisp cool water of the lake. Just beautiful!

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