Friday Lens Affair #64

Quechua Girl, Peru

Today I’m hosting an amazing photograph of Quechua Girl from Peru. Taken by Gábor Kovács and Rachele Cervaro from Surfing the Planet. Hungarian – Italian couple writing their blog in 4 languages! Yes, You hear me! Four! Spanish, English, Hungarian and Italian! Wow! Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to find out more about they amazing adventures.

Picture Story: Quechua Girl, Peru

Before starting our round the world trip, we were daydreaming a lot about visiting Machu Picchu and the land of Incas. We heard and read many stories from travellers about the special, mystical atmosphere. Which certainly intrigued us.

We were not disappointed at all. Machu Picchu is simply unforgettable. Cusco is an amazing city that takes your breath away not only because you have trouble breathing due to the almost 4000 meter high altitude.

Nevertheless, we will remember our days among the Peruvian Andes for the magnificent time we spent living with Quechua people in a small community off the beaten path. These really friendly people let us live with them for a while. Hosted us with the little they had. While we took part in their everyday life. We selected potatoes with them. Helped to herd sheep. Took care of the children of the family we stayed with.

Although there was a certain language barrier, since only a few of these people speak Spanish (they speak only Quechua), we didn’t have any problem in making ourselves understood.

Though the living conditions are rather harsh. Very cold temperature and high altitude. The colourful clothes of the Quechua people seemed us to create a warm ambience. We loved wearing those colourful ponchos they gave us. We also felt happier when we were wearing them.

As in most of the places, children are the easiest to make friends with. We played and laughed a lot with many of them. For some reason this little girl in the photo captured our imagination the most.

While the other children were hurling around, she was sitting there calmly, gazing into the distance for most of the time. We were just wondering what she might have been thinking about. Her face was bruised from the cold and the UV radiation. But she was really beautiful with her colourful knitted hat. We will keep the image of her face in our minds forever.

29 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #64

  1. Wow what an amazing experience! Not to mention the fact that you guys can speak 4 different languages…Wow!
    Ron recently posted…How to Meet Locals while Traveling AbroadMy Profile

  2. Jenna

    Love the colors! Very nice photo and interesting story!
    Jenna recently posted…Alligator City: Airboat Tours in the Florida EvergladesMy Profile

  3. Megan

    Stunning photo – we can’t wait to head to Peru next month!

  4. Sarah

    This is a stunning photo. I hope to visit South America next year and Peru is definitely on the top of the list.
    Sarah recently posted…Los Angeles, Here I ComeMy Profile

  5. ben

    Have you done some editing on the photo if you don’t mind? I’m just curios because it is really great!

  6. Amber

    Wow, the colors in this photo are absolutely amazing! Great shot, and great story to go along with it!
    Amber recently posted…Lopburi Monkey Town MadnessMy Profile

  7. Ben

    Another great post of Marysia :)

  8. The Crowded Planet

    What a great pic. The composition is perfect and the colours so vivid they almost hurt my eyes… In a good way! When I visited the Andes I thought colours looked more vivid than usual, must be the thin mountain air!
    The Crowded Planet recently posted…Lost in Taman NegaraMy Profile

  9. Nice colors. My stay in Cusco last year coincided with May Day, which meant LOTS of bright colors during the morning parade. Very memorable.

  10. What a beautiful girl and a stunning image.
    Marisol recently posted…Panama: A Visit to an Embera Tribe VillageMy Profile

  11. Jen

    Love it! What a beautiful little girl and colourful photo.
    Jen recently posted…Orlando Theme Parks in PicturesMy Profile

  12. Thanks Marysia for including our picture and story in your blog! It’s a really an honor to feature in your Friday Lens Affair series!
    Gabor Kovacs recently posted…Photowalk – Floating village of Kompong LuongMy Profile

    • Gabor thank you very much for your nice words but it is all my pleasure to feature such amazing photograph! :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #64My Profile

  13. TravelDoIt

    What an incredible picture! It’s so surprising that the colours they use are so full of brightness and energy in comparison to the weather!

    • Actually I think it is great, cos being sourranded by grey colours would be even more depressing! This pictures is truly beautiful, I agree!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #64My Profile

  14. Tamika Rybinski

    What a beautiful photo and a great story. I love the colours. What a cool idea for a series!

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