Friday Lens Affair #7


Hsinbyume Paya, Myanmar

This week I wanted to introduce You all to Craig Hickson from Flash Pack at Forty Blog. Craig has many outstanding images, but this one taken in Hsinbyume Paya Temple I’m especially fond of. I love natural framing in photography.

I have to admit I’m slightly crazy about natural framing photographies. I think that all my obsession in photography are effects of my OCD. Once I take one picture I have to more to the series ha ha ha

I was even planning into organizing my photo galleries into subjects instead of locations. You know like Bikes. Natural frames. Windows. Bus stops. Transportation etc etc

But as I’m writing about travels that would be super super hard for my readers to really see locations I’m describing so yet again my OCD won, as there is nothing I cherish more than logic, easiness of usage and relevance!

Maybe I could have a website on which I sell my pictures organized this way!? Are you like? Marysia your OCD is kicking already, relax and let go back to the real story here?! Yes, you are right, too much digression! ha ha ha

Picture Story: Hsinbyume Paya, Myanmar 

This photograph was taken at the top of the Hsinbyume Paya at Mingun in Myanmar (Burma). This temple is a real architectural treasure with lots of curves and doorways to get lost in.

I spotted this Burmese visitor, in his traditional Longyi, admiring the view from the top of the pays. The arch gave me a perfect frame to catch his contemplative mood. We recently travelled to Burma, as part of our current around the world trip, and I was captivated by the large number of impressive temples there.


8 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #7

  1. Michelle

    This place look so calm and I would definitely get lost in those curves and doorways. Nice photography!

  2. Cynthia H

    This is a wonderful picture and the archway makes a natural, beautiful frame!! I love it!

    • My Travel Affairs

      I love the way archway makes a natural frame, Im a bit fixated about natural frames, that is why I liked this picture so much :)

  3. GC

    Beautiful photography and stories! I am not much of a traveler, so I will live vicariously through your posts!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Thanks GC!

  4. Life N Canvas

    Very nice capture. The place looks so calm and peaceful. Love those temples!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Calmness is a essence of this picture indeed!

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