Friday Lens Affair #74


This week I’m featuring a picture of Peruvian family having a meal. Taken by Manouk BoB from Bunch of Backpackers Blog on her way from Peru to Bolivia! She charmed me up with saying she prefers to travel independently, authentic and adventurously. Follower her on Facebook and Twitter.

Picture Story: Old man’s cake, Peru

How did I end up getting an old man’s cake?

My friends and I were in Peru. On our way to the Bolivian border. To get there we traveled from village to village using the standard minivans. In one of these villages we decided to grab lunch in the local restaurant. The place was packed with locals, which is always a good sign. After a short wait, we got a table next to a Peruvian family.

After ordering (not an easy task with a Spanish menu and dishes that were not in our guidebook) we wished our table neighbours, who already got their meals, a nice dinner. Friendly smiles were returned. The Peruvian family ate in silence. However, not all members were eating. The grandmother barely touched her meal, and the man (her husband or son?) continued to encourage her (in a sweet fashion) to eat more. She did. Reluctantly. The man kept looking on his cake. Like he wanted to eat it, but it was not allowed.

Our dish consisted some sort of meat with vegetables. We were not sure what it was, but wrote down the name of the dish to look it up later. Whatever it was, it was pretty tasty! After both our tables finished their dinner I decided to ask them for a photo. I took this one first. After that I took another one with my polaroid camera and gave the photo to them as a present. They were very happy with it and the grandmother seemed amazed by this photo magic. The polaroid photo was carefully put away and again friendly smiles were returned.

When we were about to leave, the man insisted on giving us his cake. We did not want to accept it, but he insisted many times. It was such a sweet gesture and the cake (we now understand why he kept looking to it) was absolutely delicious. So, that’s how I ended up getting the old man’s cake!

Our own dish turned out to be cowlung!


22 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #74

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  2. Jenna

    Fun story! I love getting a little glimpse into what was happening at the time of the photo!
    Jenna recently posted…Touring the Royal Canadian Mint in WinnipegMy Profile

  3. Megan Claire

    Awesome story – I love that you tell the stories others wouldn’t think to tell. It gives life to a photograph and really makes you understand the setting. Thanks!

    • Yes, I think that for this particular reason this series is different than other Photo Series around :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #75My Profile

  4. Anna

    That’s such a wonderful story! It’s stories like this that make travel so special. And what a great idea to bring a Polaroid camera on travels!
    Anna recently posted…On Approval, Criticism, and How I Know I Made the Right ChoiceMy Profile

    • Yes, this Polaroid thing is not bad… but having a 3rd camera with me would be just too much!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #75My Profile

  5. Great Photo, great story.

  6. What a wonderful short story! You can always tell where a good place to eat at by the line standing outside the door. Some of my favorite dishes (even though I had no clue what I was eating) was ordered the same exact way. Great experience! :-)
    Ron Robbins recently posted…45 Amazing Photos of Tibet’s Kumpa StupaMy Profile

  7. What an interesting story. Poor man not being allowed to eat his cake though.
    ladyfi recently posted…Swan Lake AbstractMy Profile

  8. Wow what a great story! Going to eat where locals eat is definitely the best thing to do!
    It’s so sweet to meet families that open themselves like that and that grandmother seems so sweet! It was very nice of you to give them a picture, it’s such a wonderful idea to have the polaroid along on trips!!
    Camila recently posted…Visiting the UK: Glamis & SconeMy Profile

  9. Amy

    I love that you share an image and then the story behind it! What a great idea.
    Amy recently posted…The Best of the Grand Canyon {USA}My Profile

    • Thanks Amy, that was always an idea behind this series! Even though a picture speaks a thousand words it is always great to read a story of a photographer.
      Marysia recently posted…Quotes Affair Lucky 13th JuneMy Profile

  10. Van

    Well, if that isn’t adventurous and authentic, I don’t know what is! Great story!
    Van recently posted…A Cruise to the North CapeMy Profile

  11. Esta

    How sweet ! Its nice to read about nice gestures like these :)

  12. Interesting story and an awesome trip! Love the photo. Have a happy week!
    Eileen recently posted…Shenandoah National ParkMy Profile

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