Friday Lens Affair #79

Titicaca Lake, Peru

Today I’m featuring superb photograph from Titicaca Lake in Peru. Taken by Raphael Alexander Zoren of A Journey of Wonders Blog. A Mexican-born traveller who is totally addicted to travel and discovering the world! Follow his journey on Twitter and Facebook!

Picture Story: Titicaca Lake, Peru

My travel affair with the Titicaca Lake started when I was studying geography at primary school since my friends and I always laughed at the name (caca means poop in Spanish). Years later, in the South American autumn of 2013, I got the chance to visit this incredible natural border between Peru and Bolivia and I fell in love with it.

The boat you see in this photo is made of reed (called totora in Spanish) and is the means of transportation between the Uros people and the mainland. Believe it or not, the Uros people live in man-made islands of reed! Their life is pretty basic and, in the last decades, they have sadly become dependent of the mainland. In fact, this might be the last generation of the Uros people of the Titicaca Lake since the parents now send their children to the University in the mainland and they don’t expect them to return afterwards.

That being said, the Uros family that I visited was one of the most charming ones that I’ve ever encountered in my travels. The youngest daughter even offered to share her delicious fried eggs breakfast with me! The desert? Reed. It’s actually pretty tasty once you get used to the bland flavour. The main source of revenue of the Uros people is selling souvenirs so be sure to but at least one! Also, another interesting detail is that the Peruvian government provides the islanders with solar panels so they can listen to the radio and get informed about the events of the mainland (and of course, listen to Beyoncé songs all day long!).

If you visit the city of Puno, a visit to the Uros floating islands is a must. However, be sure to take the long tour that will lead you to the real Uros Islands located in the middle of the Titicaca Lake. The short tour actually leads you to an extremely touristy place run by the mainlanders who just pretend to be Uros people in order to sell you souvenirs!


9 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #79

  1. Yogi

    I love this photo. It may be the first photo of Lake Titicaca that I’ve ever seen on Skywatch and I have been the host for a year. And yes, I am a genuine sweetheart.

  2. Eileen

    What a beautiful view and photo.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy day!

  3. John

    I really like the boat image. It really is amazing. I didn’t see any boat like this before.

  4. Calling by from Our World Tuesday, what a beautiful place.
    lindyloumac recently posted…World at Work – Dried Seafood Market – Western District – Hong KongMy Profile

  5. Wesley Travels

    I love the boat in the picture above. It trully looks inspiring..
    Wesley Travels recently posted…Backpacking for beginnersMy Profile

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