Friday Lens Affair #86

CNN Tower, TornotoThis week I’m featuring picture of CNN Tower in Toronto, taken by Mike Hinshaw from Nomadic Texan Web Site. I have to admit that I loved the view from the CNN Tower but never paid much attention to the tower as a part of the landscape once I was visiting Toronto, not sure why! I usually do, maybe that is why I like this picture so much. Follow Mike on Twitter and Facebook.

Picture Story:  CNN Tower, Toronto, Canada

This photo is one I took with a small pocket Nikon at #TBEX Toronto. I walked back and forth daily from the hotel I was staying at, and back and forth to the parties at night. I was on Spadina street and walking over a series of railroad tracks and saw this opportunity. I was on my way home after the last session. It was my first travel blogger conference and I had only been blogging for about two months prior to attending this TBEX.

The tower in the middle is the CNN tower and the baseball stadium were good focal points for me. I am a huge baseball fan and to have Rogers Centre in this photo was kind of apropos. I have loved the sport for decades, played for over 10 years and coached my three sons for over 10 years at all levels. My oldest son played with a young man in high school, who was on the Toronto Bluejays at this time and now plays for the Yankees. His name is Kelly Johnson. The Blue Jays were out of town on the road, or I would have attended at least one game.

My father was a journalist for over forty three years and night city editor for the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram in his last twenty years of newspaper work. Prior to working for that paper he published various weekly newspapers across the state of Texas and I helped him publish the weekly papers, from the age of 8 until I turned 16. I wrote for him and have been told over the years in my retail career that I have a knack for writing! have always wanted to write for a career and I love to travel, so I decided to become a travel blogger! Having the baseball stadium and the CNN tower together kind of had an enormous sentimental significance and made me want to capture this point in time for posterity.


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