Friday Lens Affair #15


Burano, Venice. Italy

This week I’m hosting extremely vivid photograph by Robyn Carter from The Ambling Photographer.

She is super talented picture taker but as well great writer of stories which you may check on her other blog The Ambling Rambler.

Picture Story: Burano, Venice, Italy

When planning my trip to Venice and making decisions on what to see, I typed in ‘Venice’ on Google and clicked on images. I as well found an ultimate 2-week Italy itinerary that included Venice and was perfect to follow.

I was intrigued when I saw some of the images full of bright colourful housing labelled ‘Burano’. Which is one of many great things to do in Venice on your stay.

When I the googled the images for Burano, and pages of bright colourful images came up, I knew I must visit here, despite only having a little over 24 hours in Venice.

We (my daughter and I) basically, arrived in Venice, dumped our luggage in our hotel room, and then jumped on the Vaparetto to Burano.

It is a decision I will never regret. When you get off the ferry, the first few houses are uninspiring, and you’re wondering what the fuss is.

Walk through an alleyway and you come out on the pavement and you simply must stop and stare.  Everything is so colourful that the photographs cannot really do it justice.

Colour tickles your eyeballs from every direction, and you don’t know where to point the camera first.

After being rooted to the spot for five minutes in absolute shock, you take your first tentative steps and you round a corner and find another canal lined with even more colourful houses.

At this stage, you have to sit down and just drink it all in. We wandered around for four hours and even then only very reluctantly left. Of all my travelling in Europe, I averaged about 200 images per day.

Burano – I took nearly 4 times that, as I didn’t want to miss anything.  I loved the colour of the buildings, and in turn, these were reflected in the canals.

I loved the ladies sitting making lace in the shade. The quiet tranquillity of the place, which you somehow felt, even though there were many tourists.

I loved all the washing hanging out from the windows. I have to admit that when I got home, I even looked at houses for sale on the island.

I’m hoping that my lotto ticket will make my dream come true.  If it does, you’ll be able to visit me and I’ll be one of the ladies making lace in the shade!

10 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #15

  1. Alberto

    Burano worth a visit, with is characteristic and with less tourist.

  2. Lol, it seems like everyone is really loving Venice…so I’m quiet original with my opinion :)
    My Travel Affairs recently posted…Wonders of MallorcaMy Profile

  3. Craig from ADayTrip

    I went to Venice many years ago and it was amazing! You’re right, pictures do not do it justice. I loved the huge buildings built on the canals with their own piers and speedboats. I hope I can get back there someday, it’s a really amazing city
    Craig from ADayTrip recently posted…Boston Stand Up Comedy: Drinks, Comedy and Dinner DowntownMy Profile

  4. Robyn I have been there in January, as well not so many tourists….but there was something highly disappointing about Venice, even though city is really beautiful and architecture breathtaking. I may give it another go at some point in future :)
    My Travel Affairs recently posted…Friday Lens Affairs #15My Profile

  5. Robyn Carter

    I loved Venice. We simply just walked around taking photos. We ate where the locals did, and kept away from the shops. Just drank in the reflections in the canals, and got ourselves lost in the ‘alleys’ on purpose. We didn’t go to the museums either. It may have helped that we were there in October and there never seemed to be many people around. Cheers Robyn Carter
    Robyn Carter recently posted…The Tree in the LakeMy Profile

  6. Shaun

    Really good idea! I never gave Venice much of a chance, seemed over-run by tourists. I should have dug deeper!

  7. Laura

    I want to see more from Robyn Carter.
    Laura recently posted…M/S Monika Hotel, Stockholm. Sweet Dreams On A Sailing ShipMy Profile

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