Friday Lens Affair #24


Baby sea turtle, Cozumel, Mexico

This week I’m hosting superb pictures of baby sea turtle taken by an amazing man Talon.

To learn more about his world’s adventures with his lovely son explore his page 1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure. Talon writes for multiplay sites and blogs.

One which spots my eye was Travels4Yum, for obvious reasons, of course, I love food :)

Photo Story: Baby sea turtle, Cozumel, Mexico

While living in Cozumel, Mexico, my son and I went to the other side of the island to experience a release of baby sea turtles, it is an extremely popular thing to do. Same as snorkelling with sea turtles and many other excursions in Cozumel.

This is an extremely important project as these turtles are endangered. When left to its own devices. Nature can be cruel.

Typically the turtles that hatch first dig their way out of the sand where their mother buried them. Unfortunately, this brings sand down on top of the late bloomers. And at least one-third of them will never make their way out of the sand.

Once the turtles are free from the nest, they’re not out of danger yet. They make a mad dash to the ocean. During their rush to the water, birds and other predators will pick off almost half of them.

This baby sea turtle project tracks nests so that they can be there when the hatching usually begins. They are able to collect the newborns and safely dig out the remaining hatchlings.

The presence of humans keeps predators away. Because of this 100% of the viable turtles make it to the ocean.

Some of the turtles hatch prematurely. In this photo, one of the biologists is holding a preemie turtle. You can see part of its placental sac sticking out from its belly. When the turtles mature fully, their shell forms completely around the sac which feeds them for their 2-day journey in the ocean.

The premature turtles are kept safe until the “wound” closes completely so that they can be released. It’s an incredibly moving and inspiring event to watch.

8 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #24

  1. Sara

    I adore this picture as it shows just how teeny tiny these little creatures are! I am dying to see turtles in the wild and am hoping in Sri Lanka this can come true! I love the detail on it’s little tummy too.

  2. Salika Jay

    Aww it’s so tiny and cute. The job these people do is really good.
    Salika Jay recently posted…Welcome To Middle-EarthMy Profile

  3. Becky Padmore

    So tiny and precious, gorgeous photo!
    Becky Padmore recently posted…In BIG Pictures: Bruges, BelgiumMy Profile

    • Thanks a lot Becky, I’m quiet jealous of Talon that he was able to see those lovely creatures live, but as I always say, what is postponed is not lost, one day?! :)
      My Travel Affairs recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #37My Profile

  4. Emily Vee

    Really cool picture. I witnessed this live in Cozumel and it is really amazing to watch. And those turtles are adorable!

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