Myth busting guide to Benidorm

Benidorm is definitely one of the most popular British tourist destinations – but what is the first thing that comes to mind when someones utter the name of this Spanish island?

Is it the infamous TV series? Or does it fill you with the thought of Brits, bar hopping with skin as pink as a lobster after a day by the pool?

Whatever it may be, it is more than likely these horror stories have been pushed upon us by other people and the media.

If you want to know what this sunny destination is really like, read on to find out the most common myths and misconceptions that have tarnished Benidorm’s image for as long as we can all remember.

Myth – Benidorm is full of British tourists, not Spanish people

Probably one of the most common misconceptions is that Benidorm is the definitive of Brits abroad, jam-packed with tourists in their swimwear. Whilst the city is very popular with Brits, it is not exclusive to them.

Benidorm is in fact highly popular with German, Dutch, Belgian and Irish tourists. You can finally put to bed the no Spaniard myth, the city is full of Spanish people working and living.

Myth – It’s a party city not suited to families

Benidorm is a great low-budget family holiday resort. There are so many activities for kids to enjoy such as a small theme park names Fiestalandia with rides suited for children aged eight and under.

Old Town Benidorm is a beautiful spot for a family walk, equipped with play parks and plenty of shops – some of which are packed full of toys. During the evenings here it has a real traditional Spanish feel to it.

It’s true, there are some loud bars once the evening moves on but that is the same at any holiday resorts. Most pubs are child-friendly and if you are looking for somewhere to wear the kids out before bedtime take them to Panchos on the main strip, they have a mini-disco hosted for an hour every night for the kids to enjoy, children entertainment and food.

Myth – The only activity you can do is lay on the beach

While the island has some incredible beaches there are plenty of other activities to enjoy in Benidorm.

During the summer there are many water sports on offer for you to take part in such as skiing and scuba diving.

There are also waterfalls with crystal clear waters to swim in, as well as go-karting and off-road tours to sign up for.

When the sun goes down watch a cabaret show, enjoy the nightlife or visit the Old Town for a truly authentic Spanish dining experience.

Myth – Benidorm is a forest of high-rise blocks of apartments

Although the city does have a lot of high-rise building, it is not completely overcrowded with them.

Benidorm has regulation in place that ensures each of the buildings have an area ‘leisure land’ surrounding it; this means from above you can see patches of green between buildings.

In addition to this, the city is circled by a beautiful mountainous countryside, that offers visitors and locals the chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and relax in the stunning greenery.

Myth – It only offers British pub food and fast food

As Benidorm is an international tourist destination, it caters for everyone serving a range of cuisines from all over the world. This includes Italian, Chinese and Indian.

You quite literally have hundreds of options to choose from here whether that be sampling some tapas, enjoying fresh seafood or enjoying the regionals specialists of fish stew or paella.

You will never go hungry here and most definitely won’t but eating nothing but pub grub or fast food on your holiday to Benidorm.

Myth – There’s no Spanish culture in Benidorm

The sheer amount of Spanish residents and holidaymakers in Benidorm make the resort and hub full of Spanish culture. The Old Town is full of tapas bars and seafood restaurants where visitors tend to congregate during the evenings.

You can also get involved in a number of regular festivals that are held here, with one of the most popular being Fiesta Week in November, and in the summer you can see a handful of concerts by local Spanish singers and theatre groups, just ask your hotel for more information or an entertainment guide.

Ready to give Benidorm chance? Book your next holiday to this stunning Spanish island.

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