Fitting Enough Outfits into Hand Luggage for a Week Away

Travelling with hand luggage is a great way to save both time and money. Not having to wait for your baggage to be unloaded also reduces the stress of getting through the airport. Most of the time, if you are only planning to be away from home for a week, maybe two you can fit everything you need into hand luggage. Here are a few tips to help you to do so.

Pack versatile clothes

The more versatile the clothes you pack are, the fewer of them you will need. For example, for the beach, guys could opt to pack a pair of swimming shorts instead of trunks. These can just as easily be worn for sightseeing as they can for swimming. Year round, there is a good selection available from retailers like Jacamo.

For women, a tankini could be a good idea. The tops are designed so that they can to be worn without the bikini bottoms. They look really great with jeans, shorts or skirts.

Dress in layers

Packing items of clothing that can be layered makes a huge difference to how easy it is to create numerous outfits using relatively few items of clothing. It is also a good way to make sure that you are ready for all types of weather conditions.

For example, if you pack two t-shirts, a shirt and a lightweight jumper you will be ready for the cool or warm weather. On cold days, you can wear the t-shirt as a vest under your shirt and put the jumper on over the top if you still feel chilly.

Be prepared to wash as you go

If you are happy to rinse a few things out and dry them on the hotel radiator you can create space for more than just clothes in your case. So, try to pack clothes that are light enough to dry fast.

Wear your heaviest items for the journey

Wearing your heaviest pair of shoes and thicker items of clothing when travelling to your destination will free up more space in your case. If it is warm, just tie your jumper or coat around your waist or put them over your arm. Most airlines do not worry about their customers doing this.

Maximize the space in your handbag

Some airlines also allow you to take a handbag on board with you. If they do, make sure that you use that space as well. However, be sure to carefully check the rules about this, airlines regularly change their minds about whether they allow this or not.

Make use of your pockets

Also, make use of the space in your pockets. If you are wearing a coat with large pockets, you can usually put heavier items like your power bank or charger in one of them.

Fill the cube

When you pack, roll everything rather than fold them. Doing this helps to ensure that there are fewer gaps between items. Put your biggest and heaviest items into the case first. Tuck small items like socks and underwear into any little gaps as you go.

Proof it can be done

If you want proof that it can be done, just click here. When you do, you will see someone fitting a month’s worth of clothes into a very small cabin luggage bag.

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