Perfect Holiday – 5 Magical Ingredients


As an experienced traveller, I’m often asked about where to go on a perfect holiday/trip and what to do once you are there? So I have decided to write about it, for all of you crazy elves!

I generally have a big problem with giving an advice on choosing a destination.  For me, it is such a personal thing and it depends on so many factors such as your character, your likings, how much time you have and what you want to do on your trip!

I can only tell you some of my favourite destinations and why I loved them, or places I’m dying to explore myself.

Sri Lanka

This beautiful island almost to everyone, it is a super diverse place which will please almost everyone.

Nature and wildlife enthusiast. Architecture, culture and history buffs. Foodies. ‘Vitamin Sea and Beach’ kind of people. Explorers of undiscovered places and jet-setters just passing by on their way to the Maldives.

I fell in love with everything about Sri Lanka, but food, wildlife and amazing people are what make me want to go back again and again.

Perfect Holiday - 5 Magical Ingredients


Yet another super multifarious destination which is hard not to love. I personally do not know anyone who has been there and didn’t like it. Quiet opposite I only know people who decided to stay there for good.

Georgia has it all and maybe that is why it is constantly on my mind when it comes to travel recommendations.

One thing is sure, if you are not a mountain person maybe you should think of somewhere else. Of course, if your mind is set, don’t worry, Georgia has a fantastic coastline on the Black Sea, great cave cities ‘Cappadocia’ style, wine region and superb capital city.

If mountains are your cup of tea you are in for a treat, the Caucasus Mountains are some of the most beautiful in the world, and you know I have been to many.

The rawness, the views, the little villages on extremely high altitudes and hospitable Georgia people with whom you will create memories you will never forget.

Perfect Holiday - 5 Magical Ingredients


Another extremely popular destination that I highly recommend is Jordan. I always say that places/countries are trendy or beloved by other travellers for a reason.

And Jordan has many of them. Ancient desert castles and archaeological sites such as Jerash or Umm Qais.

Renowned Petra – one of the New 7 Wonders and the most beautiful desert in the whole world – Wadi Rum. Hint, if you are not a ‘desert’ person maybe choose Georgia or Sri Lanka.

Do you dive? Then you gonna love Aqaba. The variety of diving sites in Jordan is crazy, from sunk tanks and shipwrecks to all colours and sizes of the underwater world. As I always say the Red Sea is to dive for!

Perfect Holiday - 5 Magical Ingredients


This is one of my top dream destinations together with Pakistan, Philippines, Mongolia and Madagascar. Very eclectic to say the least!

I have been dreaming about visiting Australia for as long as I can remember. I have this ‘crazy’ plan to just fly there, buy a car and road trip the hell out of it.

You know… to start in Perth and slowly check out all the wonders of Nature of Western Australia, such as the Elephant Rocks, the Bungle Bungles, the Hamersley Gorge and look through Nature’s Window in Kalbarri.

Then move to the Northern Territories to explore the Alice Springs Desert Park, to watch the sunset over the Uluru Rocks and Sunrise at Mt Sonder.

Check out the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsunday Islands and the Fraser Island before poping to Brisban to check its Golden Coast.

Drive down to Sydney or further down to Melbourne, sell the car and fly back home or even better to New Zealand.

Perfect Holiday - 5 Magical Ingredients

5 Magical Ingredients of a Perfect Holiday

But whether you’re on a long-term adventure or on the well deserved few weeks trip after a whole year of 9-5 work there are things – magical ingredients as I like to call them to have a time of your life!

Here are my 5 top tips for getting the most out of your time, from learning how to switch off the world back home to immersing yourself in new places…

Be Wise

I know it sounds cliche, but to have the perfect holidays you need to be wise about many different aspects.

Choose the destination you will enjoy. As I have mentioned before, if you do not like the desert do not go to Oman.

If mountains are not your thing fly to Indonesia instead of Nepal. I know people who went to India and didn’t like it because it was hot and crowded! Really?! Who would think!

Be wise with money. Nothing destroys the joy of an amazing trip like an after feeling of guilt of breaking the bank and being in debt for the rest of the year. There are many ways to have a time of your life and be frugal at the same time.

Have common sense. Respect different cultures and religions. Travel safe. Travel slow and in the most sustainable way possible. Have a positive attitude and a smile on your face, it goes long way. Be wise.

Perfect Holiday - 5 Magical Ingredients

Switch Off Your Phone

In today’s digital world, a smartphone is a must-have accessory, especially if you’re travelling around the world.

However, the problem with smartphones is that they can be too distracting and nothing kills the vibe as fast as emails from work marked as urgent.

Only switch it on when you need to, and save yourself time to connect – face-to-face – with the people you meet on your trip as you should :)

Travel Alone

I know this may sound like a scary prospect, but being a solo traveller can be and is a lot of fun, and travelling on your own doesn’t mean that you have to be alone!

If you’re a stranger in a strange land, then it gives you the incentive and the push to reach out to fellow travellers and locals and make new friends, instantly upgrading your holiday to a really memorable trip.

I travel alone for past 13 years and in my modest opinion there is nothing more liberating, humbling and satisfying that solo travel

Perfect Holiday

Eat the Local Cuisine

I highly recommend that you indulge in a bit of experimentation with local foods. Get tips on where to eat from fellow travellers and allow yourself to try foods that you might otherwise have never tasted.

After all, you can’t do Bangkok without trying the real Pad Thai, or visit Barcelona without sampling some calamari tapas… food is a great way to immerse yourself in a place you visit!

Save Memories!

Yes, I know. Travel is all about memories not cute pictures on Facebook. In recent times many people overdo it but to be honest my advice isn’t about taking million of selfies.

It is more about recording a great moment of your trip. If you love photography than with pictures. If you more of a written word person, keeping a travel journal is a form to choose.

I love taking pictures, it makes me happy and I really enjoy it so I’m always clicking some shots, but it is important to take pictures of yourself and the people you meet.

The landscapes will eventually start fading away but a journal or a photo gallery is something you can go back, again and again, to reminisce on spectacular time you had on your perfect holiday.

Perfect Holiday - 5 Magical Ingredients

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