Berlin! Till death do us part!

Berlin, Germnay

Berlin is ‘the best lover’ one can have and imagine!

My affair with London was long and wild. I will always hold strong feelings for this city. This overwhelming feeling of warmth in my heart I experience every single time I land on Heathrow doesn’t happen too often to me.

Paris is a completely different story. I have learned to love it. What have required many hours of careful attention. Sweet words and several dates.

Despite all my efforts I’m never sure if it loves me back and won’t leave me for a new fling. Oh well, French! Berlin is easy-going. Doesn’t matter if I’m coming for a day or a week. It always have a smile on his face.

Happy to catch up. Never get upset or offended. Unique, stress free. Attractive, exciting and fun to be with. 

I come here very often. Almost every month. It’s only few hours drive from my place and I treat it as ‘a spear relax room’. When things at home are getting too hectic. Meaning more or less full day with my nephews.

I pack my bags and go to Berlin! 

I have come only for two days. It’s just enough to relax and get updated on temporary exhibitions in my favourite museums and galleries.

Art is a big focus in this confident and colourful capital. From big and well known gems of Museum Island. Through little art galleries in Mitte. To Contemporary Art Museum in Hamburg Station.

I have seen ‘Cloud Cities’ by Tomas Saracento and “Polaroids” in my beloved Helmut Newton Foundation.

Berlin is a relaxed city. I take things slowly here. I start with a lazy and long breakfast at Einstein Cafe. Over International Herald Tribune.

I stroll around city. Visit museums and get back to Ritz, where I’m staying. I adore famous ‘Tea Time’ tradition here.

This time a year I usually prefer to stay in other part of the city. Potsdamer Platz is much better place for Christmas season

Elegant Leipziger Platz with amazing Salvatore Dali Museum nearby is a real treat!  With a very rare collection of drawings which never been displayed before.

This vibrant city is a total mix of new and old in every possible aspect.

Architecture spans from classical on Unter den Linden to modern and spectacular buildings of Goverment District. Do not miss striking Holocaust memorial. Diversity and variety are landmarks of Berlin.

To keep track of all Berlin’s attractions is like a mission impossible. As I do not have Tom Cruise on my side I surrender! Finishing my lovely day with caviar and champagne treatment after delicious sushi in Vox.

Tomorrow I will hit the shops. We all know there is no better remedy and ‘good mood bringer’ than a new pair of heels.

Ka De We is a shopping institution, there wouldn’t be Berlin without this Department Store of the West. It’s legendary!

As a little girl I have been coming here with my mum and sister every year! In the times, when empty shop windows were a daily routine in Poland, this place was like an opulent wonderland. Always with gigantic and dazzling Christmas Tree. Still manage to impress.

Never miss Delicatessen on the top floor. The only proper thing to order are oysters and more champagne. It is surly THE city for me. Try your luck, we are having an open relationship.

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8 thoughts on “Berlin! Till death do us part!

  1. Berlin rocks absolutely!!! I love Berlin. It’s not a fancy capital. It does not even want to be a fancy city like New York or Paris. But that is what I like with it. Cause Berlin is just Berlin nothing more nothing less. Sometimes even a bit fucked up and even trashy. But with a great creative spirit.

    By the way I am from Germany. Even when Berlin is far away ( almost 6 hours drive) from me. Cause I live in the very southwest part. Have you ever visited Heidelberg? That is where I come from. Also a great place to visit with its old city and the big castle.

    • Couldn’t agree more! Nope, never been in Heidelberg, is it worth visiting?
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 182My Profile

      • Yeah absolutely. I mean it depends what you want to see. If you love a nice view and old cities, then you will love it. Heidelberg is located between two mountains in front of the rhine valley around the neckar river. It has an old town and a big castle. Around Heidelberg you have other cities with other old castles, like the one in Schwetzingen. It is also called the romantic city of Heidelberg.

        Have a look for it at google picture search.

  2. I love the way you described Berlin – like a boyfriend :) I’ve been there just ones, when I was younger. I think it’s time to go back.
    Jo (The Blond) recently posted…The Blond confessions: 15 things I learned as a single womanMy Profile

  3. Michelle W.

    I also love Berlin! It was so nice reading about the city from someone else’s point of view. I just got to London, so I hope I will love it as much as you did!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Im sure You will Darling, London is one cool place :)

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