Turin – I’m in love!


I always wanted to visit Turin. First reason. I’m a huge fun of Nietzsche who loved the city. Second of all. My beloved Mr Ex-Husband claims it is the best city in Italy. Time has come and I have got a chance to make my own mind. And I have to admit that with all those expectations. Not only I wasn’t disappointed but I was swept away.

Elegantly set on the Po River. With Alps as a background is a unique Baroque gem. Transformed from an industrial city of Fiat into a cosmopolitan centre of modern cinema and contemporary art. Cradle of Slow Food movement and home to best chocolateries ever!

Less frenetic then Milan but every bit as chic. And definitely much more beautiful. First capital of Italy amaze with opulent Savoy buildings and striking Mole Antonelliana. To surprise of some built as a synagogue.

Turin Shroud is probably the most popular Turin’s attraction. I personally skip it and head off to wander around Piazza Castello and Palazzo Madama. Churches are omnipresent here. To only name a few. The Sanctuary of the Consolata. The Church of Corpus Domini. The Church of Maria Ausiliatrice and the Basilica of Superga.

The perfectly planned streets of Turin are great for wandering and exploring extraordinary and vivid heritage of this Savoy’s city. From gracious Baroque avenues and squares to ‘belle epoque’ cafes. From arcaded shopping promenades to Palazzo Carignano. From Galleria Sabauda to National Museum of Cinema. From Castello del Valentino to Piazza della Republica for a perfect aperitivo.

Turin is Italy’s capital of the ‘aparitivo ritaul’. Locals have been sipping it from 1786. They must have strong heads. It is not only a glass of vermouth but mainly a moment of relaxing with friends over a conversation. Let say politics and geography of Balkans region. Yes that is a subject we were discussing with Mr Ex-Husband after he showed me his city around. Just before we went for a great dinner with some friends and the most crazy ‘summer style’ party I have attended in Italy.

Turin will surprise You with millions of options to spend your evening and night. Unless You are not staying for longer choose it wise.

2 thoughts on “Turin – I’m in love!

  1. Paola

    Loved reading about my city!! And happy u liked it.

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