Interesting Facts about Philippines

The Philippines are not just a beautiful island nation in Southeast Asia. This is an amazing place that has a storied history, incredible culture, and beautiful natural wonders.

It is a place where major historical events have occurred, including Gen. MacArthur returning to take the country back from the Japanese during World War II.

The Philippines are a place that offers a great deal of history and interest for those out there. Here are some interesting facts about Philippines, you may not have known about this great island nation.

The Legislature Closely Monitors the Casino Industry

If you look around at any regulating bodies governing the casino industry in their country, you are likely to find some form of corruption. There is so much money involved in many of these casinos and politicians can be bought at times.

However, the Philippines have taken a number of steps to ensure that their online and land-based casinos operate with fairness and integrity. In fact, as this website explains in detail, the governing body monitors the bonuses that online casinos in the Philippines offer as well as any changes in the local legislation that impact the industry.

They want to make sure that people are confident in the games that are played and know that the manner in which the casinos operate is completely removed from any criminal activity.

Great Festivals and Events

One of the great things about Southeast Asia is that there are a number of great festivals and events that occur. In Thailand, for example, the Phanom Rung Festival combines several ancient ceremonies, including the Brahman, with a great sound and light show.

The Philippines have a number of great festivals as well. In fact, there is a national law that mandates that a festival be held in every town and city in the country. It does not matter what kind of event they have.

It could be the flower festival, the giant festivals, the rice festival, the mask festival, or ones to celebrate ancient rituals or gods. The important thing is that a festival is held at least sometime during the year in every city.

Occupied Three Times

It seems like every country on the planet has been occupied by some opposing force at some point or another. Even great need China, Italy, and France have had some foreign adversary that has controlled things at some point.

Usually this has occurred no more than one time, maybe twice at most, but that is not the case in the Philippines. During the span of about 60 years, three different nations claimed the Philippines is one of their colonies.

This included the Spanish until 1898, then the United States until 1941. The Japanese captured the island nation during World War II, only to be defeated four years later. The United States then freed the country in 1946.

Just Grin and Bear It

In many Western cultures, a smile is an indicator of happiness or pleasantness. A person smiles when they greet others or to show that they are happy about something.

This is not true in the Philippines. It does not mean that you are happy or glad whenever you smile. In fact, smiling is often a characteristic of a person’s embarrassment when they think that others think they are dumb.

What is important for tourists to understand is that there are different types of smiles that signify how a person is feeling. You may have to learn a little body language before attending or visiting the country.

There Are Over 120 Languages and Dialects

Because of its location and the fact that it has been ruled by three different countries has helped to create an extremely diverse language that is spoken.

Many tourists and visitors have come from countries around the region, and they have brought their languages with them when they settled in the Philippines.

Because the country has been ruled at some point by the Japanese, the Americans, and the Spanish, it has helped to add to the mixture. Plus, there are a number of Filipino languages that exist as well.

You are likely to find that most people speak English, but the country itself accepts that there are 19 recognised languages. These include Spanish, Arabic, English, Japanese, Chinese, and several Filipino dialects.

The Only Christian Country in Asia

One of the most surprising things about the Philippines is that it is the only country in all of Asia where the national religion is Christian. Catholic to be specific.

The vast majority of people on the continent are affiliated with Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or some other form of ancient religion. Not in the Philippines. Catholicism is a national religion there, making it a unique nation for sure.

Look It, She May Blow

There are 50 volcanoes that are located within the territorial boundaries of the Philippines. That gives the Philippines more volcanoes than virtually any country on the planet.

In addition, 10 of those volcanoes are active. Even “extinct” volcanoes are not really so. In 1991 one of these extinct volcanoes erupted. When Mount Pinatubo blew it was one of the largest eruptions of the past century.

Try Living on That!

In many countries, they complain about low wages and feel like their level of poverty is worse than anyplace else. If this is how you are feeling, try living in the Philippines.

About 20% of the people live on less than $1.25 per day. Despite the fact that this is one of the most well-educated countries in Asia, nearly 19 million people live in extreme poverty. Time for a little perspective for sure.

They Can Read Very Well

As mentioned, the Philippines has one of the best education systems on the continent. In fact, a 2008 study found that the adult literacy rate was about 95%, the highest rate in all of Southeast Asia.

It is a testament to a commitment where education is prioritised by the government, but has not translated into higher wages.

Wow, that’s a Lot!

This is one that is sure to be a little astounding to you. While you may look at a map and realise that the Philippines is an island nation, what you may not realise is that more than 7100 islands make up the country.

That was the largest island for any nation in the world. When combined with the islands of Indonesia, they make up the Malay Archipelago.

As you can see, there are a lot of interesting things going on in the Philippines. You do not need to visit there to enjoy these great facts but, if you decide to go, you will be glad you did.

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