Kids’ World Fashion: 5 outfits for 5 continents

It is always fun to dress up each day and be inspired by different looks. It can be even more fun to dress up your little ones with as much style as you.

Kids’ fashion has come a long way from being mainly practical, to functional and fashionable. There are many influences in the world of fashion, and the difference in cultures surely plays its role.

Here are 5 total looks for your little ones inspired by 5 different continents. If you love these looks then head over to BravoDeal for a Carter’s coupon so you can save on your online shopping!

Each continent has its own particular features and characteristics. It is most likely that when you hear Africa, you think of safari rides and wild animals. Animal print has always been a favourite in the fashion world. Leopard’s print, zebra stripes, cheetah and giraffe spots are just to name a few.

Take your kids on a wild adventure with a three-piece safari set! Nothing says a safari ride like khaki coloured shorts and a wild animal printed tee. Help your little one tie up those running sneakers because adventure awaits.

Get ready to go “down under” to Australia. A top feature of Australia is the Great Barrier Reef and all that comes with it. As far as style is concerned, Australians are pretty easy going and laid back.

That is why a fun fish button down shirt and coordinating shorts make the perfect match. When it is time to head out to the beach and take on the waves a swimsuit set like this one will really get them inspired to explore underwater.

When you hear Asian fashion what either comes to mind is the simple, clean cut lines, or the fun, pattern-clashing ensambles. This might be the perfect time to let your little one pick out what they want to wear.

Have fun with mixing patterns and colours to create a truly unique look. Pick out a fun and frilly dress like this one and mix up the stockings or socks. Get crazy with accessories like headbands and bows, and sparkly shoes.

South America also appreciates the use of festive colours and patterns. The more frills and ruffles are, the better it is. A floral ruffle dress is perfect for any occasion. Pair it together with a fashion-forward sandal that also allows for play.

For those cooler summer nights you can keep your little one covered with a stylish denim jacket. Let them have fun with fashion jewellery like colourful bracelets and necklaces for a real party feel.

For all year round snowball fights Antarctica is the place to go! Just make sure to keep your little one well prepared and bundled up. Taking inspiration from this cold continent, your kids will be well equipped for all of the winters to come.

Start them off on the right foot with a pair of high rain boots to keep their feet protected, dry, and warm. Layering up is important, but make it stylish, too. Opt for a beautiful fair isle wool sweater to keep in the warmth.

Parkas are not only fashionable for adults, but for kids too! The faux fur trimmed hood gives for a real eskimo feel. Don’t forget a long eared knit hat and matching gloves to complete the look.

The most important thing about getting your little one’s dressed in the morning is that they are dressed properly for the weather, but that doesn’t mean they have to wear the same old boring shirt and pants.

Let them explore the world with inspiration from other cultures by adding a few new looks to their wardrobe.

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