Friday Lens Affair 194

Lake Manyara, Tanzania

This week I want to share this cute shot from Lake Manyara in Tanzania taken by Mary Talbott from The Lifelong Adventures Blog.

Mary has been travelling and living overseas for over twenty years. While taking pictures and writing about her global experiences

She hopes to inspire others to find their passion in the world beyond their doorsteps. Follow her on Pinterest and Facebook.

Photo Story: Lake Manyara, Tanzania

Our driver had doubts. He was convinced that my group would leave Tanzania with only a few good pictures and then only if we were really lucky.

He inched forward, slowly leaving the well-worn dirt track behind and heading out onto the edges of the beach.

In the distance, silhouetted against the lake and horizon, sat three giraffes resting in the mid-day sun.

I watched eagerly, camera at the ready, as one of them got up and started to trot along the shore of Lake Manyara. Snap, snap, snap – our driver looked grim.

I almost didn’t make it here. While waiting to join up with the rest of our safari group, I discovered that there had been a miscommunication and we were headed for Tarangire National Park instead of Lake Manyara.

My lifelong dream of seeing this famous lake was on the verge of not coming true. After travelling all the way from Hong Kong, I was not about to let that happen.

When the rest of the group arrived I took a poll to see if anyone minded changing parks. Since we would be going to the Serengeti the next day, no one objected to the switch.

I convinced the driver to make the change and we were back on track.

A few hours later, our driver was expressing his dismay at our camera equipment – the lack of it, actually. Not one person in the group had a large, professional camera with a telephoto lens.

In fact, I had only brought my smartphone. Despite our driver’s concerns, I wasn’t worried. I knew my camera could take beautiful pictures, was particularly good at capturing movement, and had a decent zoom. I knew I had a good eye for framing shots.

A few minutes later the giraffe rose up and headed down the beach. It was graceful and surprisingly agile considering its long spindly legs. Snap, snap, snap – I smiled. I had a feeling I managed to capture the perfect shot. I’ll let you be the judge!

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