Las Vegas Attractions

Las Vegas considered the biggest entertainment capital of the world, is situated in the Mojave Desert of Clark County in southern Nevada, United States. The city flaunts its exorbitance in its nightlife, shows, fine dining, gambling and a lot more.

It is one of the most populated cities in the United states and is one of the topmost tourist destinations in the world.

Las Vegas experiences extremely hot summers and short winters, sounds like a great place to visit, eh? The city was founded back in 1905 and in Spanish, it means “the springs”. That should tell you everything!

What to do in Las Vegas?

The options are unlimited and just one trip to this magical city may not be enough to savour all of it. Let’s take a look at the Best of Vegas:

Las Vegas Attractions


The options in this category are infinite. The free shows could be anything like a circus, a masquerade in floats and Carnivals in Rio, daily 3-D movies, Sirens of TI at Treasure Island etc.

Las Vegas Attractions

Cirque du Soleil is a blend of circus and street entertainment enacted in the form of a drama. Unless you evidence these shows yourself its bewitching effects are difficult to put down in words.

The script could be based on the evolution of a music band or a romantic saga but not limited to that. Some of the shows impose an age restriction of 18 years and above.

There are theatres and casino hotels sprawling all over the city that exhibit shows throughout the week. Starting from wedding to horror shows, you would find all of it here with a touch of reality.

There is celebrity live performers all the year round at places like the Caesars Palace Colosseum and The Venetian.

Las Vegas Attractions

If you have a funny bone in you, then you got it covered with comedy shows running at a dozen hotels across the city. You may amuse yourself with a standup comedy or revel in a comic drama.

Displaying your adulation for Bee Gees, Beatles, Abba, MJ and the likes could be really self-gratifying through the tribute shows.

Some of the other very popular shows are magic shows, hypnosis, adult shows on some of the remarkable stages and theatres in the city.

Las Vegas Attractions


It’s the gambler’s haven and it enchants tourists from all over the world with its glitzy casinos. The age restriction is imposed, you must be 21 years and above for all casinos in the city.

Las Vegas Attractions

The rewards for a win in these casinos are not limited to money but a lot of other incentives like a complimentary dinner, accommodation, shopping vouchers, and airfare and player cards.

Las Vegas Attractions

Get Married in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is also called the wedding capital of the world. There are packages drawn out by some of the major hotels and chapels collaborating together.

Mostly there are no prior appointments required for these events besides a valid ID for the couple to facilitate the issuance of marriage licenses in the city. But I would rather stay away from those, we all know some crazy stories starting with: ‘One night in Vegas…”!

Las Vegas Attractions

Nightclubs, lounges and pubs

The nightlife in Las Vegas is one of the most extraordinary experiences. The bustling clubs have a lot to offer in addition to an action filled the night. Some of the clubs charge and entry fee while the others don’t.

The liquor options are varied from low to high range ones. Most of them are open till 4 am. Being appropriately dressed for the occasion is mandatory. The rule is quite simple: The more bling the better.

Other activities

Indulge in a shopping experience, dine out at a tropical or French restaurant, go skiing, Rock climbing and hiking at spring mountain, set out for mountain biking at Bootleg Canyon, go sightseeing in Death valley, Great Basin National Park, Valley of Fire State Park etc., are some of the other things that you can do while in Vegas.

As they say, your trip, your rules!

Las Vegas Attractions

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