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Majority of people I know claim that Switzerland is overwhelmingly beautiful. But nicely saying, a boring place.

Well. I was one of them until I haven’t visited Zurich. Pretty. Little. Rich and scenic city with a picturesque location by Lake Zurich. Lake has been formed by rivers and glaciers advancing from Alpine region. Therefore the water is so green.

I visit three or four times a year. Some really good friends of mine are living here. This time I have come especially for Miss Champagne. Staying only overnight as we are heading off to Madrid! For Girls Week Away.

Zurich Rocks!

Zurich attractions never fail to entertain! Unique blend of attractions ranging from worldly acclaimed museum and art galleries. Unlimited shopping. Fine dining. Trendy nightlife and cruses over the lake on the sunny days.

One can spend days walking cobbled streets. Wandering through its museums. Chocolate shops and cafes for people-watching. After shopping spree on Bahnhofstrasse. One of the most elegant shopping areas in Europe.

Zurich’s streets are not paved with gold but one can be certain that couple of meters underground bank’s vaults are.

Banking capital. Financial engine of Switzerland. Streets crowded by bankers in pin-strips suits. Glued to their BlackBerries. After hours Zurich is transforming. Everyone sink into vibrant party scene. Vibrant is a right word for dancing on the table in famous Casa Aurelio Restaurant. With its owner! Or being the very last people drinking shots in Diagonal of Bar du Lac. Only to be back next night to dance your hangover away.

Easy to get around. With Gothic buildings and lovely promenade along lake’s shore. With Hermann Hubacher statue of Zeus and Ganymede.

One of my my favorite Zurich attractions is Fine Arts Museum with huge collection of works from 15th century religious iconography. To modern works of Dali, Cezanne, Monet, Munch, Gauguin and Picasso. This time displaying retrospective of Franz Gertsch. Leading contemporary Swiss artist known for hyper-realistic paintings.

Do not dismiss this city for its unfair generalization, Zurich attractions can keeps one occupied for weeks!

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3 thoughts on “Zurich Attractions – Innocent flirt

  1. Ashfaq

    Love your post, you describe really well the Zurich, the city is not boring if you go and do everything with proper planning.

  2. Karen

    You bring the city to life through your writing. Doesn’t sound boring to me at al.

    • My Travel Affairs

      Karen Zurich is not that boring as most of people think ha ha ha Thanks Dear x

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