Most Instagrammable Places in Romania


Romania is full of beautiful, totally instagrammable places. Fairy-tale castles, colourful cities and real wonders of Nature, most of which you have never heard about!

You might have seen some of Bucharest famous spots such as Umbrella Stree or the magical white bookstore – Carturesti Carusel; here and there; on Instagram and numerous blogs, but I’m about to show you some real gems.

And I’m not talking about overrated Bran Castle or beautiful buildings of Sigishoara, even though, those are totally worth checking out from the tourist point of view.

Most Instagrammable Places in Romania

I came up with this list while working on my Ultimate Guide to Romania, which will be live on my blog very soon, so stay tuned!

I live in Romania for the past 3 years and still discovering new, amazing spots every single week, and there are still numerous places that I need to check out, so if you know some beautiful hidden treasure please let me know!

It has been very hard to come up with a final list and I may have to do the vol 2 of this post, I found all places on the list truly magical and I listed them in no particular order.

1. Danube Delta

This is my newest discovery, it took me 3 years to finally check out this amazing part of Romania and I wonder why so long! It is a must visit for all Nature lovers, believe me, the colours of the sunrise are just priceless!

It is not only the second largest river delta in Europe but as well largest remaining natural wetland with most valuable habitats for wetland wildlife and biodiversity and 3rd biggest ecosystem in the world.

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It took me 3 years of living in Romania to visit this place, and to be honest I have no idea why I waited so long! Danube Delta is my kind of place. It is a 3rd biggest ecosystem in the world after the Great Barrier Reef and Galapagos Islands, and 1st in Europe. I can't tell you enough about how fab this place it is but I can tell you that sunrise in the Delta is not to miss if you come to Romania. Yes you have to get up super early but watching sunrise with millions of pelicans, herons and storks is just priceless! 🔽🔼QUESTION for today: have you visited any of top 3 ecosystems in the world? If yes which one? 👸My answer: Danube Delta and I'm dying to go to Galapagos ❤❤❤ #dobrogea #danube #danubedelta #danuberiver #exploredobrogea #mtaromania #takemetoromania #mtabdobrogea #danubecanal #ig_romania #we_love_romania #romaniaisbeautiful #romaniateiubesc #romaniamagica #romaniafrumoasa #romaniaascunsa #romaniaautentica #romaniatravel #romaniatrip #romania🇹🇩 #românia #romaniawow #romaniamea #igersromania #romanianblogger #romanialandscape #romaniapitoreasca #galapagos #galapagosislands #mtapinkpurple

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2.  Corvin Castle – Hunyadi Castle

The most spectacular Gothic-style castle in Romania, served as a fortress until the mid-14th century when it became the residence of Transylvania’s voivode, Iancu de Hunedoara.

If you would be only to check one castle on your trip I would recommend this one, but rest assured Romania has some amazing castles out there!

3. St Ana Lake & Mohos Natural Reserve

Lake St. Ann and the Mohos Peat Bog are very unique in Europe and Romania. These natural wonders were formed in the two volcanic craters of the Csomad Mountain.

In the southern volcano’s crater at 950 m above sea level there is St. Ana Lake and in the second at 1050 m above sea level the Mohos Peat Bog.

4. Transfagarasan & Balea Lake

The Transfagarasan was constructed between 1970 and 1974 during the rule of Nicolae Ceausescu as a response to the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union.

Ceausescu wanted to ensure quick military access across the mountains in case of a Soviet invasion.

It is a paved mountain road crossing the southern section of the Carpathian Mountains, it is the second-highest paved road in the country after the Transalpina and world’s best road trip according to TopGear. Even featured in a recent Lamborghini add.

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As you all know I'm in Romania, beautiful country of some of the most spectacular roads in the world. This particular picture have been taken on Transfagarasana Road. It has always been quiet famous especially with motorbikers but after guys from 'Top Gear' declared it the best road in the world ( previouslly tittle was hold by Stelvio Pass in Italy) it became one of the biggest Romania attraction, and no wonder why, imagine driving a car or a motorbike on those curves and serpertines!!! It was build during the Ceausescu times and finnished in 1974. The whole road is 90km long, cut in the middle by Balea Lake and one of the biggest dams I have ever seen! As you all know I'm crazy about being on the move/on the road so this was a must see for me! How about you? Would you drive it and if yes by what? Car, bike or motorbike?! #ilovemtashots #mtaromania #mtagreen

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Balea Lake is located in the Fagaras Mountains on the top of the Transfagarasan Highway, but not many people know that to see the real beauty of Balea Lake you must climb the route to the Capra Lake! Must see!

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I have mentioned few days ago that I have a friend from Poland @wrodarczyk coming to visit me here in Romania and we will do all the crazy roads as he loves to cycle. I will stay around to take pictures and hike the mountains. Yesterday we arrived on Transfagarasan and decided to stay over the night close to Balea Lac. We climbed the mountain just above the lake so I could get this amazing picture, but the biggest surprise was that as we reached the top there was another lake on another side of the peak! What a surprise!! I loved it! Don't you love when your hard work/climb/drive is rewarded with sth extraa you didn't even expect?! I love such situations!!! I just didn't like the rain on the way back :) #mtaromania #ilovemtashots #mtabgreen

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5. Constanta Casino

One of the most opulent Art-Nouveau buildings in the world, an iconic site of Constanta and my personal favourite is just spectacularly beautiful!

I saw this building for a very first time 3 years ago and instantly fell in love. I have never been inside, as it is impossible to get a permit those days but you can check how it looks inside here.

Just a few weeks ago I have heard some fabulous news, that the building which currently is on the 7 Most Endangered Buildings in Europe List will be restored to its glory days. Hurray!

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Maybe not all of you are aware but from Saturday I'm on the press trip @exploredobrogea. After some nice time in Bucharest today we explored Constanta. ❤ You may remember this building from my old posts but if you don't check out #mtaromania. And there is an amazing news about it, apparently they gonna restore it and works can start as soon as this autumn. ❤ So it is a great news but as well a travel tip, if you want to see it before they restore it, the time to come to Romania is now. 🔼🔽QUESTION for today: have you ever been in Constanca or Danube Delta? 👸My answer: I have been to Constanta twice but never before in Danube Delta so it is exciting! ❤❤❤ #ilovemtashots #mtabarchitecture #mtapinkpurple #exploredobrogea #romaniafrumoasa #romaniapitoreasca #ig_romania #we_love_romania #takemetoromania #romaniateiubesc #romaniatravel #exploreromania #discoverromania #romaniamagica #romaniaisbeautiful #romania🇹🇩 #dobrogea #architecture_hunter #architecture_view #architecture_greatshots #sunsets_oftheworld #sunsethunter #sunsetsofinstagram #sunsetmadness #sunset_captures #sunsetsunday #sunsetsniper #mtabdobrogea

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6. Bicaz Canyon

The Bicaz Canyon is an outstanding gorge in Romania, located in the Neamt and Harghita counties, a part of the Cheile Bicazului – Hasmas National Park.

The gorge was excised by the waters of the Bicaz River and it serves as a passageway between the Romanian provinces of Moldova and Transylvania. Perfect for bikers, motorbikers and road-trippers.

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The previous weekend I went to see Bicaz George which is located in Cheile Bicazului-Hasmas National Park. It is quiet impressive road in between huge rocks, full of crazy corners and beautiful views. I was lucky enough to experience this road on a motorbike. My friend took me on his bike, the weather was perfect so what else I could dream of?!?! Maybe a swim in Lacul Rosu – Red Lake, but as it came out it is forbbiden. Anyway it was a great day, full of sun, perfect for a ride… until… until it started to look like it is gonna rain, and we all know those summer storms in the mountains, so we needed to hide! And yet again the Universe confirmed that I'm the Luckiest Girl in the World and we found this old unused tunnel just few minutes before it started to rain cats and dogs, tunderstorms, lightening… totally crazy. It stopped after half an hour but as you can see water was going everywhere. The sun came back out and we were able to drive back home. Lucky me, as usual!!! How about you, are you lucky in travel or you are this person that all the unlucky things always happens?!! #mtaromania #ilovemtashots #mtabgreen

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7. Tunnel of Love

The tunnel used to serve as a secondary non-electrified railway and was inaugurated between 1908 and 1909. After it was abandoned the Nature slowly took over; it is a bit less known than its close relative from Ukraine.

Located in Obreja commune, 10 km away from Caransebes town in Banat region.

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There is this place in Romania called Tunnel of Love. I always wanted to visit so one holidays when we were planning to discover Banat region, I pretty pretty asked my bf to go there too, little did I know it is an extra 250km one way on top of already long trip, which with Romanian roads mean a day of driving. But it was way worth it, I liked it there and because we went so far we had to sleep somewhere else and we discovered great national park. So here it is to being spontaneous ;) 🔽🔼QUESTION for today: are you all about plans or more go with a flow person?! 👸My answer: In life super organized, in travel bring it on attitude :) 🔸PRETTY PLEASE DO FOLLOW MY HASHTAG🔸 Please follow my hashtag #ilovemtashots to see my pictures on your feed. ❤❤❤ #mtaromania #mtamarysia #mtabgreen

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8. Enisala Fortress

A 14th-century fortress built by Genovese merchants who took control of the Black Sea commerce from the Byzantine Empire.

The Citadel is the most important tourist attraction in the area, with great historical importance due to being the only one surviving military fortresses in Dobrogea.

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Can you imagine I'm staying at the place where I can see this fortress from my window! I'm indeed a lucky Girl! ❤ Enisala Fortress is the only medieval fortress from Dobrogea that survived the Turkish-Russian wars from the 19th century, it tells the hundreds of years old story of the time when the powerful Genovese merchants controlled the maritime commerce of the Black Sea. 🔽🔼QUESTION for today: what was the best window view you ever had? 👸My answer: I think this 🏰 ❤ #takemetoromania #mtaromania #mtabdobrogea #ilovemtashots #ig_romania #we_love_romania #romaniateiubesc #romaniafrumoasa #romaniapitoreasca #romaniamagica #romaniatravel #romaniaisbeautiful #românia #romania🇹🇩 #exploredobrogea #enisala #enisalafortress #enisalasafarivillage #sunsets_oftheworld #sunsethunter #sunsetsofinstagram #sunsetmadness #sunset_universe #sunset_pics #sunset_captures #sunsets_fx #sunsetoftheday #mtapinkpurple #mtabsunset

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9. Lonely Rock –  Piatra Singuratica

If you do not know me yet, I love mountains like crazy and Romania has plenty of them.

But there is something really special about the Piatra Singuarica, which is the Lonely Rock of the Hasmas Mountains, maybe its the ‘loneliness’ or simply beautiful rigid peaks, I don’t know!

You can climb to the top after a few hours hike from the Balan town.

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Hello guys, as you know I'm back from my travels and will be staying home in Romania for a while but don't you worry I will still be doing cool things and showing you beautiful places like this Lonely Rock here. This Sunday we climb it with my boyfriend. It is only 1608m above sea level but as you can see the last part is pure fun. You need to climb it up and down, the view is pretty impressive from there too. Side note: no, I did not climb the mountain in a fancy dress, I had all proper gear, just the dress looks better on the picture :) 🔼🔽QUESTION for today: what is the beautiful places you visited recently in your area?! 👸My answer: Loney Rock in Romania 📷Check out Insta Stories for more pictures! #mtaromania #mtamarysia #ilovemtashots #mtabgreen

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10. Rimetea – Torocko Village

One of the most beautiful villages in Romania. Famous for its restoration success of renovating more than 160 houses to keep the original style of ‘white houses and green window shutters’ village. Nestled on the bottom of the Szekler’s Rock of Trascau Mountains.

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Good evening, do you know this feeling when you find a perfect set up for a picture and yeah the huge car is parked there to ruin your otherwise amazing shot?! Haha That was my situation when I visited a little cute village called Torocko/Rimetea. I usually wait a bit in hope of driver leaving but not this time. We went hiking and when we got back the car was still there. My bf knows me all too well and how stubborn I can get so he went to ask the driver to move (#truelove) but they guy couldn't do it. He was on tachograph and had to be parked for 8h in total Lol I wasn't lucky that day, what to do. 🔽🔼QUESTION for today: what do you get stubborn about?! 👸My answer: a lot of things but mainly about pictures haha #mtaromania #ilovemtashots

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Best enjoyed in the summer and from the surrounding hills. It is a place where you can observe a rare natural phenomenon of double sunrise.

Most Instagrammable places in Romania
You didn’t know existed!

11. Eiffel Tower in Slobozia

Yes, Romania has its own Eiffel Tower or to be precise the replica of it, in the middle of nowhere! Slobozia is a small Romanian town in Ialomita county, and I got there thanks to great people who invited me to their house to celebrate Orthodox Easter!

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Hello everyone, I hope you are having a nice Sunday afternoon. Lets talk about trademarks of destinations. Eiffel Tower is one of them and I bet that everyone, even small kids know that it is located in Paris – city of love, romance and constant traffic :) Anyway I didn't take this picture in Paris, not even in France. I took this picture in Romania, in a little town called Slobozia where I was visiting a friend @alithenake I must admit that I think it is my best shot of "Eiffel Tower" ever :) When I'm in Paris I'm way to busy with my own ways to be a tourist and go photograph it and look I got a chance to do so in Romania :) I explained this story to you before it is a replica, 3 times smaller than original and standing in the middle of nowhere. Still make a pretty great view at sunset :) Especially when you catch the plane flying over it :) QUESTION did I fool you a bit today or you stand together with Freddie Mercury "You don't fool me"? :) #mtaromania #mtabsunset #ilovemtashots #mtabyellow

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12. Zetea Lake

It is an artificial lake of Tarnava Mare River created by building the Zetea Dam.

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Look at this juicy summertime shot from Romania. I took picture of this peninsula on Zetea Lake near Zetelaka village in Szekely Land. Transylvania is full of such lovely gems and it is really way worth to hunt for them if you ever plan on travelling in Romania, which I personally think you should! I spend a calm and really relaxing day overlooking this beauty and reading a book. It felt a bit like my childhood summers, like I was 20 years back in time. There were kayaks, everyone had their own blankets, old fashioned sun beds and picnic baskets full of yummy jams, homemade sandwiches and pop soda bottles. I love such kind of places, I'm a bit sentimental about those times I guess. @ig_romania @we_love_romania @romaniamagica Are you sentimental about your younger times? But not because you were younger but because times where different, life was different? #mtaromania #ilovemtashots #mtabgreen

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It is one of the best places in Romania to admire fall colours! As you can see!

13. Culture Palace in Targu Mures

A real gem of Art Nouveau style, the Palace consist of the Entrance Hall and the Hall of Mirrors with some of the most exquisite stained glass art you will ever see.

14. Caracau Viaduct

It is a train viaduct between the cities of Miercurea Ciuc and Ghimes. The bridge was opened on the 18th of October, 1897; completely destroyed during the First World War in 1916 and reconstructed in 1946.

15. Mud Volcanoes

The mud volcanoes create a strange lunar landscape, due to the absence of vegetation around the cones, therefore, the site of Vulcanii Noroiosi de la Paclele Mici is something everyone should check out. It looks like out of this world, especially at sunset.

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It has been a while but I'm back with an amazing post from truly magical and unique place in Romania. ❤ This is a Mud Volcano, one of of the Vulcanii Noroiosi Paclele Mici, it is a geological phenomenon and one of my MOST INSTAGRAMMABLE PLACES IN ROMANIA! ❤ If you want to check the other 14 places from the list head to the link in my bio! 🔽🔼QUESTION for today: have your ever seen a mud volcano? 👸My answer: I did and it was very cool :) ❤❤❤ #mtaromania #mtaborange #mtabsunset #mudvolcano #mudvolcanoes #takemetoromania #we_love_romania #ig_romania #romaniaautentica #romaniateiubesc #romaniamagica #romaniamea #romaniafrumoasa #romanialandscape #romania🇹🇩 #romaniatrip #romaniapitoreasca #romaniatravel #romaniawow #romaniaisbeautiful #sunsets_oftheworld #sunset_united #sunsetsofinstagram #sunsets_captures #sunsetsniper #sunsetmadness #igersromania

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If you loved my pictures of Romania I have much more of them, just follow #mtaromania

Most Instagrammable Places in Romania

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  1. Cezarina

    Amazing photos, Marysia! You revealed Romania at its best and I thank you for that!

  2. Anna

    Beautiful photos, which help introduce an artistic way to people when travelling to Romania.

  3. Nathan Taylor

    Hi Marysia,

    I never realized Romania had such beautiful places to visit. And your images are amazing, to say the least.

    We will be looking into travelling to that part of the world very soon.

    Cheers, Nathan…
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  4. Wow, I did not know to this extent how beautiful Romania actually is! I don’t blame you for living there the past 3 years. It’s such a picturesque country! I feel I need to go to see the Danube Delta for that alone everything else is spectacular. I’m going to move this to the top of my list now. You are incredibly lucky to call this country your home.

  5. Lauren Blake

    Eye-catching photographs… These pictures show the incredible beauty of Romania… Lovely pic.

  6. Chuck

    Thank you for sharing these gems. We are planning a trip to visit friends in Romania next year, very rural area, must rent a car as no trains go to the area. Not sure how much time we will have to sightsee this trip but hope to travel there more than once!

    • The lack of train to that places doesn’t have to mean it is rural, there are many places in Romania not really accessible by train. 35% of the country is mountains haha If you tell me where you go, maybe I can give you some advice what not to miss there :) And yes, please do come back :)
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  7. Josephine

    The photos really show the beauty of Romania. I am an outdoor enthusiast and these are all places that interest me and I would like to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Kavleen Kaur

    wowwww!!!! beautiful photogenic places…
    thanks for the information…

  9. Hmm, there are a few places I still haven’t seen even though I’m Romanian. I need to get off my couch and get out there and discover especially since now is the perfect season for that. I love your pictures!

    • Indeed, September and October are great months to travel in Romania, so which ones you haven’t seen?
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 207My Profile

  10. Romania is soooo high on my bucketlist, especially after seeing all these incredible places. I don’t think many people now how beautiful it is there. Can’t wait to go and shoot all these pictures myself, great tips girl!

  11. Anna

    Omg! your post is amazing! I am going to pin it so I can use it when I’m in Romania, fingers cross soon :)

  12. Elisabeth

    There are so many stunning places! Thank you for sharing all your insiders’ tips with us here!

    • Thanks for calling me an insider, it is only 3 years so far but I’m getting there :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  13. Wow all of these pictures look like they came from a fairy tale! Thanks for sharing. This is beautiful :-)

    • Romania is a kind of fairy tale places, castles high in the mountains covered by mist, beautiful sunsets over mud volcanos, sunsets on the Danube with million of albatrosses… crater lakes, beauty everywhere!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  14. Wow! So much natural beauty in Romania! The only place I have been to on this list is the Constanta Casino nearly 10 years ago, and it made me very sad to see such a beautiful building in such a poor state. So wonderful that it’s being restored!

    • I was so happy when I heard the news, you have no idea! It will take years but I can’t wait for the results!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  15. Josy A

    These are all stunning! You have made me reeeeally keen to visit Romania in one post!
    Especially the Fagaras Mountains. They just looks stunning!

  16. Romania completely outdid my expectations when I was there, I thought it was so beautiful. Your photos have done it even more justice – love this post.

    • Totally, I think Romania is very underrated when it comes to being a travel destination, people don’t know how beautiful it is!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  17. Lyne

    Wow! All those places look fantastic, I also love your photography style. I had no idea Romania has such amazing places, I had only seen stuff about Corvin Castle in the past! Great list!

  18. Stunning photos and locations! We’ve spent more than 2 weeks touring Romania years ago, but your photos really opened my eyes: I have to go back to explore deeper. Those mountains look so serene! And didn’t even know that there are mud volcanoes!

    • Crazy, right? Romania is so big and so full of amazing places that it is hard to see them all :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  19. All of these spots look absolutely incredible!! I can’t pick one favorite, and I definitely want to visit them all now!

  20. Romania is so beautiful and colourful, and your photos capture this perfectly! I don’t know how you narrowed down the list, but these are great choices!

    • It was super hard I must say, as there is so many beautiful places that I think I should do Most Instagrammable Places in Romania vol 2 :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  21. Maike

    Wow, I had no idea Romania is that beautiful. All these places look amazing!

  22. Your photos are absolutely stunning! I’d love to explore Romania and these places :)

  23. Rebecca

    Wow! These spots in Romania are totally gorgeous! I also love how much information you provide about each spot – in this post and also on the instagram post. It’s not just pretty pictures, there is such a rich culture!

    • Totally, I love to inform people about what they see, nothing more annoying than seeing a place you love and no information, where and what it is :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  24. Romania is stunning! I hope to visit next year :)

  25. Such a good timing for this post! Planning to visit Romania next month and wonder what to expect from this country. Autumn should be magical..

    • Autumn is simply magical in Romania, the best places to see the fall colours are of course mountains, aim at Maramures, Bucovina, Hargita, Neamt and Covasna. If you need specific tips just let me know!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  26. Diana

    Hello Marysia! This is a cool recap! You’re only missing Castelul de Lut, have you been there?


    • Yeah, but it is a very popular and rather commercial place, I more meant to make a list of places people really don’t know :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  27. Your pictures are amazing. This makes me want to jump on a plane to Romania right now! Thanks for sharing these amazing spots.

  28. Marysia, your pictures are simply stunning. Autumn is my favourite season and you have captured it perfectly. I want to visit Romania really bad now and especially in Autumn! Thanks for sharing these amazing shots.

    • If you come please let me know, I soon should post a post about places to admire autumn colours in Romania, and there are a few :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  29. Erin

    Beautiful photos! I honestly didn’t know much about what to expect in Romania but now I really want to go, the language alone really intrigues me, it’s so beautiful :)

    • Erin happy to hear that, Romania is super beautiful and the language is pleasant and easy to understand if you know some Latin language already :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  30. I love all of these spots! I still need to travel to Romania. I will have to remember this for when I go!
    Nina recently posted…5 Beach Day Trips from GranadaMy Profile

    • Once you have tickets just ping me, there is so much more to see in this beautiful country!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  31. These places look seriously stunning! It’s been way too long since my trip to Romania and will definitely add many of these on my trip when I go next!

  32. I’ll definitely be keeping this article handy – my boyfriend wants to visit Romania for his birthday next month (I’d better get booking!!) and these places look so beautiful! Thank you for sharing; I think this’ll come in very useful for my trip!

    • October is a great month to visit Romania, I mean some mountain areas might be closed but most of the places are still booming and the weather is still great in the South.
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  33. So beautiful. I want to see Romania with my eyes! I’m also on instagram if you want we can follow one another. @katstarr_

  34. Pia

    Hell yeah! Romania is such a beautiful country! I traveled there myself last year. Your pictures are incredible!

    • Thank you, Sweety, for your kind words and yes Romania rocks! Where have you been?
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

      • Pia

        Welcome! :-) I´ve been to Bucharest, Brasov, and surroundings, Sibiu, and Constanta. Especially, the Transylvanian area is pretty awesome!

  35. Wow these pictures are unreal! Definitely need to add Romania to my bucket list now!

    • 100%, I think it is one of the most underrated countries in Europe when it comes to its beauty!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  36. Lauren

    Absolutely stunning photos – I’ve only been to Bucharest in Romania but so need to see more after reading this!!

    • Totally, I like Bucharest but Romania is so much more, and to be honest, the real beauty of this country is far away from its capital city.
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 206My Profile

  37. Ivar

    So many beautiful places in Romania. Whish I could visit them all.

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