Lago Maggiore, Mozzafiato!

I’m one lucky Girl. My lovely hosts are superb, what can I say? They are my favourite Italian Boys ever!

I have mentioned only once that during my stay I would like to spend a day on the Lago Maggiore and here we are! While Mr Ex Husband and I were partying ‘summer’ style in Turin Mr Skipper organized a perfect day.

Due to a tiny mistake with a motorway exit we are arriving to the yacht club situated over a Lago Maggiore late. Just in front of marvellous Borromeo Islands. The view is breathtaking, majestic. Can’t take my eyes of it.

I have a feeling it is slightly rude to my friends who are talking to me. They are use to this awe – inspiring, postcard like view while for me it is a very first time here.

Lake is sheltered by the Pre-Alps of Piedmont and Lombardy. It is fed by the Ticino River which rise in Switzerland. The Maggiore and its jagged coastline, islands, mountains and picturesque villages are magnificent. The glacier waters are mix of jade green and deep blue. I can see why all travel guides say it is wildly romantic.

After a nice lunch in the club we are going for a boat ride on the lake to enjoy some sun and discover other parts and even more beautiful views of the lake. And I have to say that is how I like my days to be. Lazy, glamorous and a lot of fun. Have I already mentioned I’m one lucky Girl?

I’m truly delighted with my day in Lago Maggiore. Next time Lake Como.

Few hours later we are coming back to the harbour to enjoy a great conversation and some Negroni over the sun set. After that we are heading off back to Milan, as we are already late for a Spanish theme party of Mr Ex Husband’s friend. “La vita e’ bella”. Full stop.

One thought on “Lago Maggiore, Mozzafiato!

  1. Frank

    Fantastic experience, I’m so jealous! I’ve been living in Milan and visited all the lakes but missed Lake Maggiore…

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