San Sebastian – My new love

[singlepic id=1375 w=730 h=255 float=]It is actually impossible not to fall in love with San Sebastian. There aren’t many places around the world that have offered me literally everything my heart desired, non-stop and round-the-clock. Donostia ranks pretty high on my quite short ‘Revisitation List’; I was charmed by its beautiful scenery, sun-kissed cozy beaches, friendly and enthusiastic people, relaxed atmosphere, historic buildings, delicious ice-creams, great surfing, interesting folklore and rich gastronomic traditions.

It is a sophisticated city arched around one of the finest urban beaches in the world, La Concha, with its inviting white sand and crystal clear waters it is a perfect place to swim and sunbathe. The scenic backdrop of the promontories of Monte Urgull and Monte Igueldo adds extra spice to the serene setting of  La Concha and Ondarreta Beach, while beloved by surfers Zurriola Beach has Monte Ulia rising over its far end.

San Sebastian Rocks!

Primarily originating as a fishermen’s village, as most of places on the coast of the Bay of Biscay, in the 19th century it became a resort of the Spanish Royals. Classy and decorated with lavish Belle Epoque buildings, the most elegant sea-side place in all of Spain still preserves a refined ambience, certain elegance, grace and strong traditional heart. It lacks the touristy side of Costa Brava and the superficial bling of Costa del Sol.

‘The pearl of the Cantabrian coast’ is a true highlight of the Basque country. Cosmopolitan, modern, very stylish, extravagant at times and casual when less expected, it boasts a dazzling selection of chic boutiques, fascinating galleries and great bars.

In San Sebastian life revolves around simple pleasures, such as a romantic evening stroll along the promenade with the best mandarin sorbet I have ever eaten in my life lol …to watching a spectacular sunset from Monte Igueldo, strolling down Parte Vieja, having a gin and tonic on the majestic Plaza de la Constitucion, or having a good surf day or a delicious meal.

San Sebastian is a truly epicurean paradise with a long history of food culture. It all started more than a century ago, from the phenomenon of the Txoko gastronomic societies where Basque men cooked for their friends, wives and families.

I was lucky enough to be invited for dinner to such an establishment and to eat one of the best dinners in my life, which was cooked by a very talented young man. So if you are a food lover and looking for a perfect husband, you should move to the Basque country.

Renowned for its outstanding Basque cuisine, San Sebastian is celebrated for its innovative molecular preparations and flavourful dishes. Basque’s culinary revolution has been one of the world’s most significant gastronomic shake-ups in recent years – unique creations incorporating foams, jellies and dry ice have provided much of the impetus.

You can indulge in this extravaganza in many Michelin-starred restaurants, but in numerous pintxos bars in the old town as well. I would say that pintxos bar-hopping is a cultural and culinary experience that shouldn’t be missed!

Getaria is a small fishing town in the Guipuzcoa province, which is an easy one-day trip from San Sebastian. This Basque harbour-side village is awfully picturesque and pleasant to stroll around its narrow streets. The town is dominated by a rock promontory called El Raton.

Its main attractions are excellent seafood restaurants serving fresh turbots and chipirons straight from the Bay of Biscay. Not indulging in a multi-course meal paired with bottles of white Rioja would be an affront to those amazing cooks ha ha ha :) For fashion lovers Getaria holds a real gem, the Cristobal Balenciaga Museum.

I discovered this place thanks to a friend of a friend who took us from San Sebastian to this area for our first ever surfing class at Zarautz Beach. And let me only tell you, I loved it. Not sure why, to be frank, I wasn’t very successful on the first day, but I loved the water and its tranquility while waiting for the thrill of the upcoming waves!

At the end of my stay in San Sebastian I decided to stay two extra days strictly for more surfing! My instructor was a very funny Brazilian man who has been surfing for longer than I have been walking in this world! He was very demanding as a teacher, and that is what I needed to finally ride a  wave.

San Sebastian is officially my new love!

9 thoughts on “San Sebastian – My new love

  1. Jennifer at Beach Gorgeous

    Great article! It’s impossible to lay eyes on stunning San Sebastian and not fall madly in love. Just as good as the food is the summertime fun in the sun. I’ll definitely take surfing class next time I go there.

  2. Claudia

    I have heard from a lot of people that San Sebastian is amazing. You surely convinced me!

  3. Lovely photos!!! I’ve never been to a Michelin restaurant but I’d love to :)
    A Southern Gypsy recently posted…Purple Haze Lavender FarmMy Profile

    • I guess I’m spoiled, as I go to them all the time, but I really love food and think it is worth the splurge!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #59My Profile

  4. Ruthi

    How very enchanting! Lovely photos very inviting indeed
    Ruthi recently posted…I’m back….time to go again!My Profile

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