Verona – Northern Jewel

Verona is a beautiful Italian city gorgeously surrounded by mountains and nestled in the bend of the Adige River.

Known as ‘Little Rome’. Verona is an elegant city with a picturesque Old Town. A rich cultural heritage and ancient buildings reflecting the turbulent history of the city.

Overflowing with magnificent churches. Pink-hued medieval buildings. Roman ruins and mellow. Renaissance buildings. The city if full of lively piazzas and narrow streets filled with music, cafes, restaurants and exclusive shops.

As everybody knows. Verona is the town of Romeo and Juliet. The characters of Shakespeare’s worldwide-known tragedy. Via Cappello 27 is the most popular address in the whole city.

Casa di Giulietta is a place to admire Juliet’s Balcony, which is cunningly tacked on the first floor of this pretty 13th-century palazzo. To have a wishful rub on the shiny, right breast of the bronze statue of Shakespeare’s best-loved heroine. To leave a sign of your love on the graffiti-covered walls of the courtyard and to hang a colourful padlock to have your love last forever.

The architectural features of the building, such as original wall paintings and three-lobed windows, are worth a visit itself.

If I were to be cynically logical I would have to mention that the balcony was added around 1920 to attract tourists and to remind everyone that, in fact, the story of the two hopeless lovers is fictional. Shakespeare borrowed a popular folk-tale that had been around Northern Italy for several hundred years and located it in Verona. But it was so cute to see all those couples in love that I would never have the heart to destroy those magically romantic moments for them. Or maybe? Ha ha ha

Nevertheless. Verona has much more to offer than Romeo and Juliet. When entering the city through the gates at Piazza Bra. The mighty Roma Arena comes before our eyes. The Arena is outstanding and humongous. One of the best preserved ancient structures of its kind. Its ancient, cracked and crumbling walls can tell fascinating stories of the past two thousand years. With the history freak that my stepfather is we can’t skip a tour. Worth the struggle said my mum in high hills Like a typical Polish Lady, she does not wear flats LOL

We followed the chic Via Mazzini to the market on the Piazza delle Erbe. A lovely square lined with multi-coloured frescoed mansions. Filled with cafes, bars and restaurants. We would be back there for a lunch later only to discover that the Italian waiter could speak Polish because he had a Polish girlfriend! There is something funny about that for me. Half of the men in this nation have dated, are dating or looking to date a Polish woman. Maybe it has sth to do with wearing hills!

After admiring a truly amazing city view from Torre dei Lamberti, we took a walk down to reach the Roman Theatre on the other side of the river. It was considered to be the most important theatre of its times in Northern Italy.

Regardless of the plentiful sights in Verona. The most striking ones are the churches. Starting from the fascinating Romanesque-Gothic cathedral. Through the splendid Church of St. Anastasia to the Romanesque masterpiece Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore.

Last but not least is the Castelvecchio. Part castle, part civic and art museum with very interesting collections of sculptures and vintage arms. Together with a fortified bridge which, funnily enough, assured a safe way to escape, construction of this fortress was not meant to protect Cangrande II della Scala from exterior dangers, but rather to protect him from any local riots.

Verona is an unforgettable place and I enjoyed the unmistakable charm of this city very much. I will be returning.

2 thoughts on “Verona – Northern Jewel

  1. Alberto

    I agree, Verona is a charming city, maybe understimated. Worth a visit also the sourroundings, the nearby lake Garda with some beautiful township like Sirmione, Lazise and Peschiera. Not to mention some places like Valpolicella.

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