My Favourite Breakfast Spots – NYC

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.” – Fitzhugh Mullan

I love NYC for its breakfast spots. I’m not a big breakfast Girl (I usually start a day from a cup of coffee and carry on like that till lunch), unless in Berlin or NYC. There I’m a breakfast Queen. Here are some of my favourite places, they are not all 30/30 in Zagat, but I love them.

My Best Breakfast Spots NYC!

1. Clinton Street Baking Company

It is one of my favourite breakfast spots in the city. Unpretentious. Amazing atmosphere and superb stuff. I love to come here. Get a sit in the bar. Read some book and spend the morning chit chatting with people. This year I popped in just after Obama Romney 2nd Debate. Conversation was all about elections and politics! My favourite: Clinton St omelette, but pancakes are to die for as well!

Best Breakfast Spots NYC

2. Balthazar 

Soho is a place where I usually hang around. Therefore Balthazar had to be on my list. If You are up for glam breakfast with some champagne. it is a place to go! And let’s do not forget about delicious food. My favourite: Scrambled Eggs in Puff Pastry or Eggs Bella Donna!

Best Breakfast Spots NYC

3. Café Sabarsky

I love this place. Classy Austrian, good food and coffee to die for. I have discovered this place while visiting Neue Galerie. I visit this museum every single time when in NYC. They display German, Austrian and Swiss artist which I love so much. The museum opens late at 11am. Right on time to enjoy some breakfast before. My favourite: Sabarsky Frühstück.

Best Breakfast Spots NYC

4. Norma’s

This place is a breakfast Mekka of NYC. Best Breakfast place according to many famous foodies. I do not know a single person who have been in NYC and didn’t pay the visit. If You are a pancakes lover You can’t miss this place. My favourite: Norma’s Super blueberry Pancakes. Period. 

Best Breakfast Spots NYC

5. Sanctuary T

I really love this place, it is one of the best breakfast in whole city. Food is amazing and drinks to die for. It is good for any time of the day, but I adore it for weekend breakfasts. My favourite: Truffled Croque Madam.

Best Breakfast Spots NYC

6. Waverly Dinner

I used to loved this place for the vintage New York look. Old school diner which you only see in road movies. I have found it on my first visit to NYC. While wondering around Washington Square. This year when I was trying to get a breakfast there I have learned that place is being renovated. Hopefully it won’t loos its charm and will stay on my list of best breakfasts in NYC. My favourite: Bacon and eggs served in a battered frying pan.

Best Breakfast Spots NYC

What is your best breakfast spot in NYC?

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10 thoughts on “My Favourite Breakfast Spots – NYC

  1. Kevin Ngoc

    Wow, so delicious. Norma’s Super blueberry Pancakes is so tasty. I wanna try it. =)))

  2. Raj

    I hope I will travel to NYC and experience that breakfast there. Its amazing to learn how not just eating breakfast is important but where…Thanks

    • Raj ha ha ha of course, we all have our favaourite spots, not only for breakfast, but for coffee and other things. Do you at your home town just walk to any place or you go to specific place you know and like?!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #47My Profile

  3. Aah, I have not been to New York for too long. Love the breakfast at Norma’s !! Is it still as trendy and “in” as it was a couple of years ago? I believe I have to go there and check myself soon!

    • Norma is still great but I much more into Soho and LES when it comes to breakfast :)

  4. Phil

    Love Clinton Street but the lines to get a table can be exhausting!

    • True, there is always a big line, luckily those few times I have been there I always managed to get a sit straight away :)

  5. I’ve had brunch at Balthazar’s – fantastic – but the others are new to me so thanks! I also loved the Roof Terrace at 240 5th avenue :)

    • Thanks for stopping by Natasha. Indeed Balthazar is fantastic :) But believe me the rest is really worth checking out as well, I love them all :)
      My Travel Affairs recently posted…Friday Lens Affairs #15My Profile

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